Historical Narrative

1 January 2017

If I was to choose what day of an historical event to go back to and be part of I will actually choose the one event where the document that is protecting the people from the power of the government and states the responsibilities of the government. The constitution was sign September 17, 1787, the document it self was made by Geniuses of that time and yet I feel like they are still the geniuses of this time cause the document is still keeping the government under control although the government itself is trying to bend the definition of its content.

Those people that signed the document knew that greed and the feeling of having power will currupt the minds of its leaders so they made sure that people had the power not the government. The only thing that the government can do Is provide security and protection of the country and not to increase tax on people.

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I would love to be in that room to see and imagine what are the 55 people that signed the document was thinking about and how did they actually come up with a document that is so strong in words and creative to strive for the best of the people. I want to know if everyone of those people actually agreed on the document without any thought of doubt or was it so perfect that no question about the document can be put out there.

No matter how much we argue about the details of its meaning today, in the opinion of many, the Constitution signed in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787 represents the greatest expression of statesmanship and compromise ever written. In just four hand-written pages, the Constitution gives us no less than the owners’ manual to the greatest form of government the world has ever known. We have no tribal council, nor can we vote anybody off the island. But, we do live in the land of the free, and as long as the Constitution stands, we always will.

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