Historical Report on Race

1 January 2018

Europeans had a different outlook on property rights on land. They decided that our way of vying on the land was not right and decided that we did not deserve our land. Many of the New World colonies thought it was better to civilize us Native Americans to better prepare us as U. S.

Citizens. So we were put into schools to help make us more civilized citizens. So think about it, many Native Americans were killed for being Native to this land. Those that were left after massacres were forced to become civilized citizens by going to special schools designed to civilize us.How would you like it if today a group people decided the way you live is not right and killed more than half of your community and hen made you go to a special school to make you more like them? On top of that you are still treated less than equal, you have no right to vote or make any kind of decisions. It was not until 1 924 that Native Americans that were not already citizens, were granted U. S.

Citizenship. We were forced from our homes and lands and made to live in reservations.In 1823 the Supreme Court made a decision that Native Americans could occupy lands within the united States, however; they could not hold title to those lands. The Indian Removal Act was signed by President Andrew Jackson into law on May 28, 1830. The Indian Removal Act authorized him to force Native Americans out of their territories and move them west of the Mississippi River, so that Europeans can have their homelands. This act forced many Native Americans out of their homes and move to strange areas where they did not know the climate or where food and water was located.This led too many more of my ancestors to die because of the New World laws.

Diseases were brought over with the Europeans and caused high fatalities. A few people did protest against the Indian Removal Act, many Christian missionaries were among those that opposed it. Also future U. S. President Abraham Lincoln opposed the Indian Removal Act. The Indian Removal Act is now known as the Trail of Tears. The Indian Removal Act moved roughly 46,000 Native Americans from their homelands.

This opened up about 25 million acres for white settlement. By 1840 a large amount of Native Americans had been relocated west of the Mississippi River. It was not long before homesteaders, miners and the railroad company was moving into the land that was set aside for the Native Americans. President Martin Van Burden allowed an armed force of about seven thousand to force about 13,000 Cherokees into concentration camps before being sent west. The force was made up with militia, regular army, and even volunteers.Farms and lands that had been in Native American families for generations were put into a lottery and white settlers could win the homes. So the history of Native Americans was one of ups and downs.

When Christopher Columbus discovered the new world and discovered that Native Americans were already living here, it was not a big deal at first. It was thought that we would follow them and want to be just like the European people. Native Americans have a strong history and deep believes that did not go away just because new people showed up in their land.

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