History in Popular Music

4 April 2015
This essay discusses three songs, providing historical background and analysis, and relevance.

This paper discusses the historical relevance and accuracy in popular music. The research discusses the history, musician, and lyrics from three songs specifically: David Bowie is “Space Oddity”, Abba’s Waterloo , and Don McLean’s “Vincent”. The author examines how these songs are examples of our culture’s attempt to understand and relate to history.
Historical events are often written about in fictional novels, used in television and cinematic forms, and even more often, referenced in music. Popular music often fictionalizes actual events for dramatic effect like Space Oddity by David Bowie or emphasizes a personal lament by referencing actual events like Waterloo by Abba. Some popular songs are even written about the lives of historical figures, such as Vincent van Gogh in Don McLean’s Vincent. These three songs are an example of our culture’s attempt to not only understand the past, but relate to it as well. The question, of course, is whether these songs are using the history they refer to in the correct context or correctly describe the events of the past.

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