History of Law Enforcement

12 December 2017

Historical Beginnings Historical development of law enforcement agencies goes back to the United States Constitution. It tells how the federal, state, and local agencies came Into existence, and what purpose they were to serve. This report will give details on each separate law enforcement agency, what their Jurisdictions are, along with descriptions of the Individual responsibilities pertaining to these various agencies primary purpose. Surprisingly enough, these law enforcement agencies responsibilities, reach far and beyond just making arrest, patrolling neighborhoods, ND keeping the public safe.These agencies serve a larger purpose than Just enforcing the law, such as managing the agency, records keeping, financial records, and public service records.

Public Order has a definition much more detailed than just keeping neighborhoods safe, controlling riots, and arresting offenders, with further detail given throughout this paper, expressing how important the need to understand the various aspects of each agency and the extensive responsibilities each perform within their Jurisdiction.Also, seeing how they have evolved through the years. “The placement of modern municipal law enforcement procedures began with the creation of the London Metropolitan police In 1829. While previous existence of private systems had been voluntary. The year of 1829 clearly marked the beginning of a paid full-time public police force in London and the real inception of modern police administration” (bailey, 2007).Resources ;bailey, Local Government Records Commission, July 25, 2007 Alabama Constitution of 1901 Code of Alabama 1975 Alabama Government Manual (1998) Alabamans State and Local Government, 3rd deleted (1988) Thomas, James D. ND William H.

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Stewart. Alabama Government and Politics (1988) Tensions, Robert D. “Alabama Sheriffs’ Association” (1996) Kathy, I have altered and reworded some of it, and removed some citations. If you see a place that needs a citation, please let me know. I will be using these same references for my part on Local law enforcement, Just so you will know ahead of time.

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