History of Naxalism

5 May 2017

History of Naxalism It is said that Naxalism is one of the organization of aggressive communists. In other words it is also called CPI (MAOIST ) . After Indian independence in 1947 the communist extremist started armed violence activities first time in 1948 but because of lack of public support the movement couldn’t get velocity. This Naxalites communists always keep deep belief on violence. From the beginning they had started committing violence by using Arms.

Naxalites adopted the way of armed violence revolutionary activities from the Village – Naxalbari in the district Darjeeling n West Bengal in the year 1967 against exploitation done by Zamidar and Rich men upon particular people of the society. Under the leadership of revolutionary leader Charu MaJumdar the naxalites increased the violence drastically. At that time the aim of the naxalites was to achieve power of the state by violent revolution. They used to force the local people for abatement of land revenue & tax etc.

History of Naxalism Essay Example

Actually in the year 1967 their revolutionary activities and violent activities started from the village Naxalbari, hence it is called ‘Naxalism’ and the supporters are called naxalites. At the same time the aggressive communist violence activities again started in the Sri Kakvlam area of Andhra Pradesh. However in Tribal areas the naxalism remain alive. In meantime the leadership was taken over by Shri Chandrapulla Reddy, who left the violent way of movement and decided to do violence when very essential, but he too could not succeed.

In 1975 after emergency the naxalites formed another group under leadership of Shri Kondapalli Sitaramaiya called C. P. I. M. L. Peoples War Group. By this group no work was done in Democratic way and shown no-faith in overnment system. The group also took unemployment, economically backward areas as medium for their publicity. For this work, the organization divided in the areas and according to the area Dalam emerged. Peoples War Group chief Kodapalli Sitarmaiya has added the slogan of independent Dandkaranya in all his slogans. The P.

W. G. organization declared to include Garhacharoli of Maharastra, Mahbub Nagar, Karim Nagar, Adilabad, Warangal of Andhra Pradesh,Korapur , Khampit & Kalahandi of Orissa , Balaghat & Jabalpur of Madhya Pradesh in independent Dandkaranya. The ain residents of these areas are tribals, small farmers & labourers. With their aim to form independent Dandakaranya they extended their activities to Balaghat, Bastar & Jagdalpur. History of Naxalite activities in the district Balaghat Naxalites entered Balaghat from RaJnandgaon border in M.

P. and from Bhandara border in Maharastra. In Balaghat and Rajnandgaon district there are mainly tribal villages and villagers are of ‘Gond’ & ‘Baiga’ tribe. The villages covered by naxalites are located in dense forest area where the communication and transportation facilities are very oor. The District has a thick forest area and a tough terrain. The Gond and Baiga people of these villages used to go for bamboo cutting and other work to Chanda district of Maharastra and Bastar district of M.

P. & in the process they came in touch with naxalites who were active there. First time on 5/111990 the naxalites activities came into picture from the border villages of Balaghat. It is said that naxalites entered into Balaghat from the village ‘Adari’ Thana – Salekasa of Maharastra state. alias Bawanna. Total 9 male extremist were there in this Dalam. The Gang was quipped with rifles and other arms. After receiving information the Police started pre-planned operation against them.

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