History of NBA

8 August 2016

A. Do you guys know how much money the NBA makes in sales each year? (1 bil) B. The sport of basketball started as a sport that was looked down upon and it was considered a joke. Today, it is the 3rd most popular sport in the US and makes over $1 billion in sales each year. C. During this speech I will be explaining to all of you the sport of basketball, starting with the origins, then moving on to the time period when people started taking basketball seriously, and finishing with the greatest players to ever play the game. 2) Body

A) Basketball was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith B) Naismith was born in 1861 in Ramsay township, Ontario, Canada C) The reason Naismith invented the sport was because while he was working at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts they asked him to create a game that could be played indoors during winter months to keep the athletes distracted D) Naismith got the inspiration from a game he played as a child called “duck on a rock” where the objective was to knock a small object off of a rock using another rock E) As stated in the ESPN article, Dr.

James Naismith – the inventor of basketball “the sport was an instant success and thanks to the initial impulse received by the YMCA movement, basketballs popularity quickly grew nationwide and was introduced in many other nations. F) Basketball was first introduced as an Olympic sport in the 1936 Summer Olympics. G) Next I will be talking about the big boom of basketball in the early 1980’s. 3) Body A. Before the 1980s basketball was considered a sport that was made for college, and that the pros were just a bunch of washed out bums who needed cash B.

But when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird joined the league the perspective totally changed. C. Magic and Larry’s teams (lakers and Celtics) became the face of the league, being led to the NBA championship year after year by the 2 greatest players in the game D. But in 1985 2 huge things happened Michael Jordan was drafted and the NBA got a new commissioner in David Stern. E. Stern combined with Michael, Magic, and Larry “gave the NBA the popularity that was much needed for years” as quoted in David Halberstams book, “David did it.

” F. Lastly I will be talking about the greatest players to ever play game 4) Body’ A. There is always a debate on who is the best player to ever play, but in order to get to know that you have to know the stats. B. According to the article, “The Greatest of All Time” the greatest scorer to ever play the game was Wilt Chamberlain who, in one season, averaged over 50 points a game and holds the record for points scored in a game with 100 C.

Again, according to the article, “The Greatest of All Time” the greatest player to ever play the game, using 100% real statistics is Michael Jordan who averaged almost a triple double over his career. 5) Conclusion A. During this speech I covered the origins of the game, the reason its popularity skyrocketed, and the 2 greatest players to ever play B. I hope you now have a better understanding of my favorite sport. C. Thank you for your time and patience

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