History of Rap

3 March 2018

West Coast Rappers began writing songs, which told stories of their hardships ND also explained extreme situations of violence and sexuality.

Many resented this and would fight for some sort of censorship. In response, the Parental Advisory label was developed and placed on all music albums containing explicit lyrics. This was designed to warn parents of what their children were listening to. In the early ass’s Vanilla Ice emerged as the second white rapper to have a number one single or album. The single “Ice Ice Baby” and its accompanying album, “To the Extreme” both hit number one on the Billboard charts in 1990.Unlike the Beastie Boys, Vanilla Ice did not come room a tough childhood. He grew up comfortably in Miami.

To make his image like a rapper he claimed he had a seriously violent gangster past. Many people viewed him as fake, but nevertheless he had a hit single. Vanilla Ice was a true one-hit wonder. After the single “Ice Ice Baby” fell off the charts he took a break from recording music. In 1994 he released a new album called “Mind Blowing” The album did horrible in terms of sales.

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