History of the Indes ( Bartolome De Las Casas )

4 April 2015
Critical review of 16th Cent. political & moral critique of Spanish experience in New World from 1492 to 1520.

Bartolome de las Casas, in History of the Indies, presents a history of the Spanish experience in the New World from 1492 to 1520. Las Casas, however, wants to do much more than merely give a factual account of that experience. He more importantly delivers a moral and political critique of the Spanish rule in the Americas, and it is a severe ethical indictment, indeed. The author wants to make the world aware of the inhumanity of the treatment of the native population and of Spanish slaves, and to show the terrible human, political, economic and moral costs of those actions to not merely the New World but also to the nation of Spain.

As Andree Collard writes in his Introduction to the book, Spain in the sixteenth century had Bartolome de las Casas . . . (1474-1566) to denounce these human failings. He was a man..

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