History Paper

6 June 2017

Because of the Stamp Act things such as playing cards, newspapers, and other legal documents were taxed. A stamp was to be put on these items to show that the tax had been paid. To England this seemed like a reasonable thing to tax the colonies of. But to the American Colonies, this was something that could not be left alone. The colonies formed a meeting to create a opposition against the Stamp Act. Besides the peaceful attempt, violent riots were formed to publicly show how the people felt about this taxation.

One of these violent happenings was the Boston Massacre. A roup of rebels were publicly insulting British troops in Boston and then the troops had enough. These troops opened fire on the rebels killing a load of them. Along with that shopkeepers decided not to sell any British goods. Soon England decided to end the Stamp Act because of the many riots.

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Another act that England inflicted upon the Americans Colonies was the Tea Act. This taxation was placed on Britain tea in America. The response of America was to boycott the tea.

But America wouldn’t stop there, one of the most well known events of the revolution came out of this act. This famous event was the Boston Tea Party. A group of Americans dressed up as Mohawk Indians and boarded some British ships that were carrying tea. On these ships the dressed up Americans took the crates of tea and dumped it into the harbor. Just like the Americans response to the Tea Act, the British did not have a delightful response to the Boston Tea Party. The British’s response was to force the Boston Port Act upon the American Colonies.

This act consisted of a blockade on the port of Boston. The Boston Port Act was one of the many Intolerable Acts in the revolution. The Intolerable Acts were the Boston Port Act, the Massachusetts Government Act, he Administration of Justice Act, the Quartering Act, and the Quebec Act. Once again the American Colonies were in protest. Out of the response to the Intolerable Acts came the creation of the First Continental Congress. This congress order the boycott of all British goods.

Also they said if these acts weren’t lifted off America’s shoulders the colonies would stop all exports to England. The colonies also came together to give aid to Massachusetts if bombarded or anything else they might need help with. With these taxations Britain did the work of breaking the relationship between the Britain there is no doubt that America, as a whole, was leaning toward cutting their tie with England. Not only were these acts leading toward separation between the colonies and England but also it was guiding both these forces on the road to war.

Even though it seems that taxes are all that were needed to change the relationship between the to continents but also events of war on both sides. America coming together as one to fight shows that America was ready to leave the grasp of Britain. At the beginning of the war it seemed like America had no hope to win, but ith the relationship changing the colonies were not about to let go of all hope. This statement can be proven by the battle of Saratoga. This battle was a message to all that the will of America was strong. The brightest intelligence and the greatest heroism were shown in this battle.

Fortunately this was not the only win for the American Colonies. One of the most important wins for America was the battle of Yorktown. This was not only a won battle but a won battle that won the war. The end of the war was officially over at the signing of the treaty in Paris. Not only as this the end of the war but it was also the placing of the final brick in the wall stopping the close relationship between America and England. The reasoning behind the end to the relationship were England’s taxes and having war with one another.

This was proven threw the Stamp Act, the Tea Act, and the Intolerable Acts. Americas response to these acts showed the colonies wanted to be far away with their relationship with England. But having a war with the England allows people to believe that the colonies were serious about this change in their relationship. And when the treaty was signed it sealed the deal. It has been proven ver the course of the revolution and the war more and more of the colonists revealed that the change in relationship was to be far away from Britain.

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