History: Questions

6 June 2017

People, and Places Match the descriptions In Column I with the terms In Column II. Write the letter of the correct answer In the blank provided. Not all of the terms In Column II will be used. Each answer can be used only once. Column I Column II 1. a famous missionary and explorer 2. leader of West African resistance to colonial rule 3. helped set up a powerful Muslim state in Nigeria 4. the upper class 5. ruthless and brilliant leader of the Zulus B. Main Ideas b. d. g. h. Usman dan Fodlo Shaka David Livingstone

Henry Stanley King Leopold II Boer War Samori Tour© elite Write the letter ot the correct answer in the blank provi Asante kingdom? a. repeated invasions by the Boers in the early 1800s b. a succession of corrupt rulers c. several years of poor trade ded. 6. What weakened d. tributary states looking for help to defeat their Asante rulers 7. Christian missionary groups followed explorers to Africa in order to a. convert Africans to Christianity. c. study African culture. b. gather slaves. d. map out the course of rivers. 8. What event began the European stampede for colonies in Africa? the Boer War b. Belgian King Leopold II’s activities in the Congo c. Henry Stanleys explorations of the Nile d. Cecil Rhodes’ diamond and gold mining 9. Which country controlled much of northern and west-central Africa?

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