Hitler’s Alternative Reasons for the Holocaust

An analysis of Hitler’s ulterior motives for the Holocaust.

This paper argues that Adolf Hitler had some alternative personal reasons for why he may have caused the largest mass killing in world history. Some reasons include his personal life and sexuality. This paper examines how these impacted Hitler’s rise to power and motivation.

From the paper:

Due to Adolf Hitler?s embarrassing family roots, stern, emotion filled upbringing, and his inner turmoil in dealing with his sexuality he had built up guilt, aggression, frustration, and self loathing which as result caused the holocaust. The context of this paper will discuss how his family roots were considered embarrassing, how they came to be, and how in turn it caused him to feel disgusted with himself and what he was which caused aggressive and malevolent behavior. Also it shall speak of what consists of a strict upbringing, what certain events and regular happenings occurred in this childhood, and finally what in this rigid upbringing could cause a man to have this inner anger build to lead way to cause such death and destruction.

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And lastly, the paper will speak of Adolf Hitler?s sexuality and how his homosexuality or sexuality, which was kept hidden, as it was not proper for men to like men during his time and was gravely frowned upon, caused such guilt and pain within himself to lead to this horrifying event we call the holocaust.

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