Hiv-Reaction Paper

That scene made viewers noticed that the film’s director is not that great in directing compared to other veteran directors awarded locally and internationally. Dim scenes should be enhanced because inside the movie house is already dark which means that it would be boring to view this kind of dark movie. But it doesn’t mind what we, viewers want is the concept, lesson and the message the movie could provide although in some part it should be perfect specially the cinematography because a good motion pictures coming out can attract the attention of the viewers.

If I would be asked if the movie made me satisfied I will answer it with a quick “no” because in the end part of it, Gil became one of the victims and he didn’t state in his documentary or in the movie where and how he was touched by the virus. In short I felt “bitin” on the movie and it disappointed me but about the price I would say a big “worth it” because I got so many lessons and it really made me aware about HIV. Gil’s involvement in the victims list of HIV should be included in the film because it would mark the viewers keep on thinking how he became a victim.

Witnessing the whole movie is not enough to answer it because the characters especially Gil or even his parents didn’t narrate how their son got the disease. On the other hand the film really shocked everyone who already watched it, being Gil as one of the HIV victims. They really shocked us although the very first part where an unknown man wearing a jacket with hood was interviewed, it made us think that that man is Gil but we also thought that it isn’t him because he used to call Badge about it which made us confused that it is another person involved.

All throughout the movie we have already the expectations that he’s one of the victims to be included in his own made documentary film because he became that kind of crazy when he thinks that he can’t meet the deadline of submission of the documentary he’s creating. He already finished Heidi’s footage and also Ivy’s but the scenes/interviews he shoot for Vanessa seems useless because Vanessa should be that afraid to cite the story. Vanessa who doesn’t have conscience at first learned a lesson when his victims’ revenged on him.

The victims’ revenged and the pleas of his father made Gil removed Vanessa on his documentary and there he used his name to complete the V in the HIV. I just wish the director completed the story. He/She should include how Gil got the disease because the movie is really nice and it is appropriate for everyone because it is about our health it is about being free from a three letter disease which will ruin and will make us hopeless once infected by HIV.

Over all, the movie was great it really soak deep inside our mind. We are now aware on where and how a particular person be a victim of HIV. Once you became a victim, your life is solidly hopeless and that made me realize not to be its victim. I just hope everyone could have the opportunity and time to watch the film because it is for their own sake and to make them aware too. HIV Si Heidi, Si Ivy at si V Reaction Paper

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