HMS Challenger Journal Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The ship set canvas from Portsmouth. England early yesterday forenoon and we have been sailing for about a whole 24 hours ; I’m saying we’re about 40 grades north of the equator. It’s a great twenty-four hours for sailing. the H2O is crystal blue. my hair is gently blowing though the air current. and there’s non a cloud in sight. Today my occupation was to utilize the scientific tool. the dredge. A dredge takes samples along the surface of the seafloor while being dragged across the underside. There was non much fortune today happening big beings other than a few fish. but we brought up some soil with bugs populating inside it. The insects were bantam and seemed to hold been feeding on the clay. They looked to be worms with legs. Day 2- January 1st 1873

Today is my first twenty-four hours off since I’ve boarded the ship. My feelings have non changed since I’ve boarded the ship. I woke up and received a fresh breakfast of chocolate and difficult biscuits. We’ve landed at the island of Tristan D’Acunha. It’s a beautiful island with perfect conditions conditions. It felt good to eventually be back on dry land. Our ship is get downing to run out of nutrient so I volunteered to travel expression for nutrient. The day-to-day activities of the work forces were angling. runing. and looking for nutrient that’s been turning. I was seeking for grown nutrient when I came across a spring of fresh H2O. I knew we were running low on fresh H2O so I ran back to the ship. brought some aid and hauled dozenss of imbibing H2O to the ship. When we got back the captain had our tiffin ready. all we had was fish but there was plenty to feed the whole crew.

Day 3- January 24th 1873
This forenoon I woke up with Malaise ; feeling of being ailing. I wasn’t certain why I felt this manner but I went down to James Lind to happen out what was incorrect with me… 2 hours subsequently I woke up from a nap feeling worse than I originally was. Lind figured that I had Scurvy which is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C. which makes since because the ship hasn’t had fresh fruits or veggies since we boarded. He told me that if I didn’t replenish my nutritionary lack so in a month or two I would acquire worse and have critical bone strivings. Equally shortly as the other work forces heard about the disease I had received they wanted to bring around me fast. We set out for dry land to garner every bit much fruits and veggies as we could.

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