Hobbes, Locke, Paine & Rousseau

4 April 2015
Compares the major ideas of 17th Cent. & 18th Cent. political philosophers on reconciling rights, equality & the need for an orderly society.

Early political theorists made many attempts to reconcile the concepts of rights and equality within the framework of political thought and ideals. Differing points of view on these subjects existed among the many political philosophers and theorists. One view was that the early theorists were engaged in an impossible task when they sought to accommodate the concepts of rights and equality with the requirements of civil order. Another view held that some theorists believed that rights were, by their very nature, a demand for limited government. The concept of rights elevates, as an absolute, a few values or interests while denying the legitimacy of any governmental interference. Total equality, however, would deny any constraint or exception to majority rule if it were the law of the land.

Abstract terms, such as rights and equality, were a..

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