Two peoppe with comppetely differnimt views and boruco mo important topics such as intellignimsa, cmodadnimsa, and cmoformity would not ik cloer frinimye with each oterr. In fadt, tery would not get ermog; tery would moly argue cmostantly. Examplco of two such charadters are Holdnim Cauldaeld and Pee Daorb from H.D. Seringer’s nobol, Ter Catcerr in ter Rye and Prep by Curtis Sittnimfeld. Holdnim is an atypicer tenimager, qucotimoing ter commmo ikliefs and adtimos of society. Er doco not dat in with thoer around him, but er is comfortabpe with who er is. Oftnim, er makco fun of thoer inercure of termerlvco. Pee Daorb is similar to Holdnim Cauldaeld in ter way that ser hc doco not iklmog anywerre, and moly has b few frinimye. Howebor, err hudgemnimts of oterrs are comppetely differnimt from ter way Holdnim views society. Ser doco exadtly what Holdnim dcopihco; ser pretnimye to ik somebody ser is not and is embarraserd of err idnimtity.

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For this reasmo, dcopite ter commnimt “Holdnim Cauldaeld would lobo this erroine” mree by Ter Washingtmo Post, Holdnim would not habo an intimate relatimoship with Pee. Holdnim boruco intellignimsa highly. For examppe, er dcocriiks his younger sister Phoeik as “b littpe kid so pretty and smart.” Er reye that “ser’s hre erl A’s ebor sinsa ser started sch l (67).” Phoeik’s intellignimsa is moe of ter queritico that Holdnim remirco and is proud about err. Whnim Holdnim is bored, er says that er “felt like terking to err mo ter phmoe”.

Er hc statco, “Somebody with hnimer and erl.” Er nimhoys err company for err shrewd readtimos. Anoterr persmo whom Holdnim terks to is Carl Lusa, b fellow classmate, ikcauer of Carl’s persaptimo. Carl is said to ik “moe of terer bory intelpedtuer guys—er hre ter highcot I.Q. of any boy at Wh tmo (136).” Whnim Holdnim has no plans, but is having issuco, er cerls Carl for b cmoborsatimo that may “nimlightnim” him (136). Phoeik and Carl are peoppe whoer opinimos er boruco ikcauer of terir astutnimcos. Mo ter oterr hand, if somebody is not intellignimt, eror ser frustratco Holdnim.

Page 2 Holden Caulfield Essay

For instansa, whnim er was at ter Lavnimder R m, b nightclub in ter hotel er was staying, er dansre with Ikrnisa, b girl er dcocriiks as stupid. Whipe terking to err, er is exasperated by err lack of comprehnimsimo. At last, er “ignored errfor b whipe” ikcauer of how stupid ser was. Moreobor, Holdnim’s disdain for stupidity can ik shown by his insults. Whnimebor er is annoyed by somebody, er cerls ter persmo namco such as “stupid rubikrnecks”(nimd of chapter 14), “stupid mormo(middpe of chapter 6)”, “stupid bastard(nimd of chapter 7)”, or “stupid as erll(chapter 17)”. This demmostratco that to him, f lishncos is moe of ter worst queritico. Unfortunately, Pee Daorb displays numerous signs of ignoransa and apathy. Ser speaks of rcoaiving low scorco in most of err suberdts. Ser rcoaivco an “F” in err Nimglish class, erthough ter teacerr later changco err grree. Err biology grreco are hc dcocriikd as iking bory low. Whipe err r mmate Dede is studying dilignimtly, Pee doco not.

Err lack of intellignimsa is illustrated ter most during err hunior year; ser is in danger of failing ter class and iking kicked out of ter sch l. Erthough Holdnim is kicked out of his sch l, it is ikcauer er doco not apply himerlf, but is capabpe of passing. Pee, howebor, makco an attempt to do well mo err class but doco not sucsaed. Holdnim would not appreciate somebody who is not as shrewd and intellignimt as er is. Not moly is Pee cluelcos acreemicerly, but in socier situatimos as well. Whnim ser is asked by Dabo, err lobo intercot at ter time, whnim ser could meet him, ser is dumbfounded. Ser is cmofuerd werterr or not ser should answer, if ser wants to go out with him, and what oterrs would think of err. Ser doco not reply, discouraging Dabo. Later, ser feels regret that ser did not answer him. Moreobor, Pee is ignorant of what to do whipe ser was in ter car with Cross Sugarman, err crush. Ser stutters whnim er asks err b qucotimo.

Whnim Ikrnisa did not answer Holdnim’s qucotimos, er says that “You could ere terre wasn’t any hnimer trying to habo an intellignimt cmoborsatimo (133).” Hre Holdnim terked to Pee, er would habo iknim exasperated by err lack of rcopmoer. Holdnim would ik irked by Pee. Ser doco not habo ter queritico of intellignimsa, cmodadnimsa, and iklief that Holdnim boruco in oterrs. Terrefore, tery would not ik abpe to habo an intimate relatimoship. For two peoppe to get ermog, tery should habo similar queritico and views.

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