Holistic Marketing

8 August 2016

Holistic marketing is a concept which is used to describe marketing efforts as a whole, which finally helps you to make an overall Holistic Marketing plan. New trends have forced the new generation marketers to follow new sets of beliefs and practices. They recognize the need to have a plan which is more complete, cohesive and broad. The plan that goes beyond the traditional way of doing marketing ( Kotler, Lane, Koshy, Jha 21). Before most of the marketers used to believe that if any product is widely available and less in cost that product will sell good.

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So the managers of the above mentioned organizations used to focus on cost effective production on goods and massive distribution. But this concept of marketing is already outdated now. In the market of today the customer has become more educated. He knows the product and specifications he is looking for. Due to the rapid growth of internet now the customer steps into the shop with a complete knowledge of what he is about to buy. So now the marketers are forced to apply and consider holistic marketing approach in order to achieve their marketing goals and objectives.

Four concepts of holistic marketing are Relationship marketing, Integrated marketing, Internal marketing and Performance marketing. Relationship marketing is the one in which emphasis is laid on developing deep and endorsing relationship with the people or organization that might affect the success of the company. Maintaining a pleasant relationship with your distributors can be an example of relationship marketing. Another concept of holistic marketing is integrated marketing. In Integrated marketing a marketer should have a deep thinking that he can maximize the effect of marketing if all the activities of marketing are integrated.

For example if the right product is supplied to the right market with very competitive price the movement of that product will be good instead if the same product is supplied to the market where the need of that product is almost negligible. So uniting all the marketing activities to boost up the marketing efforts is integrated marketing. Third concept of holistic marketing is internal marketing. According to this concept everybody within the organization should accept the goal of the organization as a goal of its own.

The employees of the organization should be sincere towards achieving the goal and objectives. Hiring, training and motivating able employees who are really looking forward to serve the company is one of the key role of internal marketing. Forth concept of holistic marketing is performance marketing. In this concept of marketing a broader view of marketing efforts are taken into account. The organization must be doing his marketing activities keeping into account the ethical, legal and social impact of their marketing activities.

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