Hollywood Undead

7 July 2019

Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead consists of seven members. Their names are, Charlie Scene, Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Da Kurlzz, Deuce AKA The Producer and Funny Man. The music they produce falls into the category of rock and rap. Some of their popular songs they made includes undead and no.5. You would find these songs on their CD Swan songs made in 2008.

Hollywood Undead Essay Example

Some of my opinions and feelings on their lyrics is that their lyrics have a lot of swearing and emotion. The emotion that goes on is meaningful. Because it talks about gangs and other things that go on in their lives. The instruments they use are a lot of voices and electronic beats. This makes it good because they have some sweet beats that make their songs really fun to listen to. I like this band very much because of their beats. This band started off as a myspace band but soon became a hit to a lot of people. In the first nine weeks they had almost a million plays and by 2006 they were leading all other mayspace unsigned artist by 8 million plays. In 2008 they had over 440,000 friends on myspace.

I would recommend this to anyone who listens to rock and rap or likes them morphed together because if you like other rap/rock songs that seem similar to them then you may like this band too. If you do end up liking this band then spread it around that Hollywood Undead is the best band ever! I would rate this band a 4.5/5.

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