4 April 2015
A paper which introduces and discusses the short story “Hollywood” by Dagoberto Gilb.

A paper which discusses the themes and characters of the short story “Hollywood!”, written in 1993 by Dagoberta Gilb, a Hispanic-American writer. The paper examines the underlying themes of the story such as a family not fitting in and second-generation Hispanics, as well as the contrasts and the style of the story.
“The setting is Santa Monica beach on a winter day in California. Most people have ;more sense; than to go to the beach on a day like that, and Marta is certain Ramon would catch a cold, (which he does). The beach is deserted, except for a few other people, and the only real company they have are the birds, and the people filming the commercial. The beach setting is important to the story, because it is something unique, that the family will remember, because it is far different from Texas, where they are from.

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It is also important to the story because it is so typically ;Californian; but not on a winter day, when all the locals know enough to stay home, where it is warm.”

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