Homage to My Hips

2 February 2017

The theme of Lucille Clifton’s “Homage to my hips” concentrates on a proud, strong, and powerful woman who is absolutely in love with her hips. Clifton’s tone throughout the poem focuses highly on her big hips. Not once does the she speak negatively about them. She feels absolutely wonderful about her big hips, making her feel so confident and full-bodied all at the same time. She gives off many reasons to why her hips make her modest, but full of pride.

The beginning of ’Homage to my hips” illustrates the confidence that the speaker has about her hips. “These hips are big hips” (1) demonstrate how the speaker is proud of her big hips and does not mind what others may think about her hips. I feel like the speaker would be disappointed if she had little hips. The speaker knows that her hips are big and they need additional room when she explains “they need space to/move around in” (2/3). The speaker knows her hips do not fit into little places.

Homage to My Hips Essay Example

The speaker of “Homage to my hips” is definitely not ashamed of her considerably large hips. After the speaker talks about her proud qualities as it pertains to her hips she moves on to speak about why her hips make her strong. In the lines “these hips/are free hips (5-6) the speaker demonstrates that her hips do what they want to do. Her wide hips have no limitations. “These hips have never been enslaved” (7) shows the speaker has never been controlled and she can uphold her freedom by herself.

The speaker shows her strong side by stating “they go where they want to go/they do what they want to do” (8-9). The big hips do not make her feel weak. Finally Clifton speaks about how her hips make her powerful. I think that when the speaker states that “these hips are mighty hips/these hips are magic hips” (11-12) would give a sense that she can get certain things from a man or give a man a certain feeling.

Also, the magic of the hips could attract a lover perhaps. I have known them/to put a spell on a man and/spin him like a top” (13-15) suggests that she knows her big hips are sexy and she can still have a sense of sexiness despite her big hips. She knows that her big hips can be a great turn on for a man. Her hips could make a man go wild if she so desired. In conclusion, the theme of Lucille Clifton’s poem gives a woman of bigger hip nature a sense of pride, strength, and prowess. Despite the need for additional room for movement, the woman in this poem is neither disappointed nor ashamed.

She has the freedom to explore wherever she wants. She does not allow anyone to hold her back. Finally, the powerful natures of her big hips coincide with both sex appeal and an attraction. In the end she is satisfied with her big hips. Works Cited Clifton, Lucille. “Homage to my hips.

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