Home Cooking Versus Restaurant

1 January 2017

According to several surveys, the best places for relaxing are Hawaii Island, South Beach, and Savannah. Actually, those three places have too many things to do for free. First of all, Hawaii Island has Hapunas beach where the soft white sand and rolling waves are warm in summer where tourist can relax around the water. Free bus system, if no one wants to spend money or rent a car at the Kona international airport it is an option to relax ,and do not be stress with traffic.

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Home Cooking Versus Restaurant
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Akaka falls State park is open daily, and is free to enjoy, and walk the park in 30 minutes where tourist can relax and walk around there. In addition, Hilo farmer market where can shopping such as seafood, produce, clothes and fresh fruits in fact is open every day so tourist can eat fresh food. On the other hand, be able to make your favorite dishes and relax in your hotel. In conclusion, Hawaii has too many places for relaxing and not spending lots of money. South beach has beautiful places to relax.

For example sagamore hotel has a beautiful ocean view also it has two pools where travelers can seat around, relax and also can walk to the ocean. In addition, it has a nice restaurant bar around the pool area also the food in there is delicious where the menu has different kinds the meals where travelers can relax. Next, Mangos nightclub is a very nice place to dance and meet new friends. In addition, at Collins Avenue have too many places to shopping also a very famous spa to have a nice massage and relax.

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