Home Health Care

4 April 2015
Economic, social & medical advantages over institutional care, emphasizing role of nurses & multi-disciplinary team approach.

According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2.4 million individuals receive private home health care services from one of the 8,100 Medicare-certified agencies authorized to provide home health care in the United States (Home health, 2006). Home health care agencies provide both health and personal care for patients in their own home, with the goal of helping patients to improve their self-care capabilities and health status (Home health, 2003). In November 2001, Secretary Tommy Thompson of the US Department of Health and Human Services announced the Quality Initiative, which was rolled out in two phases in 2003 through the nation (Home health, 2003). The initiative was part of the Bush administration’s Medicare related assurance of quality health care for all people (Home health, 2003; HHS launches, 2003).
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