Home is me, you are mine by Everly

9 September 2019

Everly is an American folk band formed in 2008, consisting of actress Bethany Joy Galeotti and singer Amber Sweeney. Their first EP, Mission Bell, is an eclectic mix of country, folk and pop rock sounds. Their EP features six original tracks with a bonus track altered specifically for the television series One Tree Hill. Some of their most promising songs are ‘Mrs.Scott’ and ‘Home is me, you are mine’. ‘Mission Bell’ can only be purchased on the internet, but an untitled album should be released soon. The first song off of the album is named ‘Qucksand’ and has already risen to #27 on iTunes Pop Album Charts! This ballad, where Galeotti compares her love to quicksands pulling her down, deeper into her lover’s trap, is a beautiul homage to Country muisc. Everly imposes itself as the next succesful Country myth, and seems to take over a torch, awaiting to be passed along once more…

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