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9 September 2016

Home Maintenance PRG/211 April 1, 2013 Abstract Team “B” has worked on a proposal that develops a user-friendly program that helps the end-users simplify home maintenance projects. Using resources such as program development, modular programming, and coding, documenting, Array structure, and testing programs the team has developed an array structure home maintenance checklist. Home maintenance is important for most individuals regardless if he or she rents or owns a home, townhouse, or apartment.

According to the article “Healthy home maintenance checklist” “a healthy home is one that is constructed, maintained, and rehabilitated in a manner that is conducive to good occupant health” (National Healthy Homes Training Center and Network). Different home maintenance activities are best performed in specific seasons. The team has developed a more efficient method to maintaining a healthy home and environment. The developed application will focus on interior and exterior home maintenance. Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Essay Example

Home Maintenance Proposal Home maintenance problems may become unsafe and costly if problems are not taken care of in an appropriate manner, and time frame. The most economical way to protect an individual’s dwelling is with continuing and preventive maintenance. Spending time and money currently may help evade costly repairs and improve an individual’s home’s ability to with stand natural vulnerabilities. Constant maintenance helps individuals avoid costly repairs, improves energy efficiency, it prolongs the life of major systems, appliances, and preserves the home’s value.

A regular schedule of seasonal maintenance is the best way to protect an individual’s home and stop the most common and costly problems, before the problems occur. Establishing a routine, individuals will find the work is easier to accomplish and not as time-consuming. There are simple solutions to maintaining the upkeep on the home correctly. There are tasks that may be performed in the spring and other tasks in the winter. This application will examine the complications that occur within a home and when to fix those complications.

Employing a spring and fall task list that will focus on the on the major tasks of the exterior and interior of the dwelling. Application Design The team has developed two one dimensional Array structured flowchart using the Visual Logic programing application. According to the authors of “Prelude to Programming” a one dimensional array is a list of related data of the same type referred to by a single variable name with an index number to identify each item (Venit & Drake, 2009).

The use of this array will provide an easy solution to the creation of an application. “Objectives * Maintaining the exterior structure of the dwelling * Maintain the interior structure and appliances in the dwelling Spring Exterior * Make sure gutters discharge water away from building * Check attic for signs of roof leaks * Look for signs of leaks where deck attaches to house * Check below windows and doors that flashing intact * Look for signs of leaks at window and door sills * Clean dryer vent Check exhaust ducts are clear Fall Exterior * Check attic vents * Clean dryer vent * Check exhaust ducts are clear * Maintaining the interior of the home Spring Interior * Check for signs of water damage * Check smoke and CO alarms * Check traps and drains under sinks, tubs, showers for leaks * Clean dryer vents and screens * Clean exhaust fan outlets and screens Fall Interior * Check for signs of water damage * Check smoke and CO alarms * Check traps and drains under sinks, tubs, showers for leaks Check water main/meter or well pump for leaks or sweating * Check hot water heater for leaks” (National Healthy Homes Training Center and Network) Psuedo code – Make array Fall, 9 Make array Spring, 11 Input Season If season = fall OR spring Then if season = spring Output Print spring Else Print fall End if End Conclusion The team is dedicated to developing a computer program that enables users to manage simply information about individual’s dwelling by focusing on maintenance, reminders, and home improvement projects.

This will allow the users to save time and money by tracking recorders and seating up alerts that automatically inform the user maintenance is needed. By implementing the application an individual may customize a home maintenance schedule that meets individual needs in an easy to use manner. References Drake, E. , & Venit, S. (2011). Prelude to programming: Concepts and design (5th ed. ). Boston, MA: Addison-Wesley. Healthy home maintenance checklist National Healthy Homes Training Center and Network Retrieved from: http://www. hud. gov/offices/lead/library/hhi/Healthy_Housing_CheckList. pdf

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