Home remedies

6 June 2017

By taking this mixture everyday he body will get rid of the dirt from corners of the intestine through stool and urine. Atter 3 months tat layers will get dissolved automatically and wrinkles on skln will disappear as If Iron was applied on It. This will make the body beautiful. Without fall, life will be disease and worry free, happy, energetic, longevity will Increase etc. Other benefits you will find from your own experiences. Keep on taking your own medication(s) . Life will be heavenly with this experiment. Benefits ot this home remedy: 1. Will get rid of diabetes, blood pressure and rheumatism for good. 2.

Will strengthen bones. . Will give stamina. 4. Will improve eyesight 5. Will increase hair growth 6. Will eliminate all diseases caused by constipation tor good. 7, Will Improve blood circulation. 8. Will rid of cough from body for good. 9. Heart will function better 10. Will make one run like a horse. 11. Will remove deafness from ears.

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12_ After marriage women’s bodies become ugly, this home remedy will make them beautltul again. 13, Will rid side ettects ot the medlclne taken In the past and to be taken In the future. 14. Will strengthen teeth and keep their enamel alive. 15. Will clear blood vessels In the body. . Will protect nutrients in blood. Impotence will De removed ana wlll De aDle to Dear DeautlTul cn110ren protect from malaria, Jaundice, typhoid, cholera, etc. 19. Anyone can use this remedy. No matter what the age this remedy will make people look younger, will give longer life. 20. Will help women with puberty and gynecological problems. 21 . Diseases caused by water (e. g. water retention), air (bloating) and heat (e. g. hot flashes) in the body will be removed for good. 22. Will help digest heavy foods. 23. Will free from heart attack causing diseases plus will help to reduce cholesterol rom body. 4. Skin will become clear and free from skin diseases e. g. : dry skin, itchy skin, etc. 25. Will free from the side effects of eating gutca, etc. whatever they may be. Important note: This experiment will benefit only if you continue for 90 days. 1. Stop eating meats and become disease free. While eating meats this medicine will take longer to work. 2. Soaked Indian chick peas (chana) and all kinds of beans will give ten times more strength and vitamins. 3. Please note, while consuming tamaku/gutka, this remedy will not benefit. However, it is okay to have masala paan.

American Dr. Vallord Cordel has written a book on food entitled “Health the easy way’. In it there are two chapters, which illustrate the benefits of garlic and meth’. Undigested foods cause mucus and this mucus goes to other parts of the body. Dr. Cordel says, “of course some mucus is necessary in the body. Some people smoke and the smoke goes into the lungs. Some people eat unbalanced food. As a result mucus covers lungs and digestive system slowly increasing the mucus layers. As a result, body parts stop working. The body becomes diseased and looks old before its time.

To be disease free, do not let mucus get accumulated in the body. But what if mucus is already there? One should then eat less food to stop mucus from being formed. Drink methi tea (methi ukado), three times a day. Soak methi approx 10 or 12 hours and then boil. Method: In 200 ml. water add 5 grams of crushed methi seeds. Boil on low heat till water remains 50 ml. Take off the heat and sieve. If you like to add Jaggery and milk for taste than you can but it’s not necessary. Left over seeds, after sieving, can be mixed with curry. Drink this water 3 times a day.

If not possible than every morning and very evening, twice a day. If 2 times is also not possible than Just at night is okay too. Drink 20 or 30 min. before food. Just drink little bit more at night. This ukado will get rid of mucus from body. Dr. Cordel makes us understand methi makes a body get rid of mucus: – How does using methi as a medicine clean body parts and quiet digestive system? Because when methi seeds are soaked, they suck up water and become little sticky. By drinking ukado made by this soaked methi will remove more sticky mucus and Innammatlon Trom tne Doay. As a result many Olseases are cured .

Make sure not to overeat. Drink methi ukado according to the recipe mentioned above. Many health problems can be solved by drinking it e. g. : 1) Appendix. 2) Urine problems 3) If Sense of taste is lost 4) Lost sense of smell 5) Lost hearing power 6) If facial skin and tongue get dry in the morning, drink ukado at night

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