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8 August 2016

There are a lot of different opinions about homeschooling. Some people think that it gives educational freedom, closer family relationships, and benefits from one on one learning. Although that might seem beneficial it also hurts homeschoolers in the future. If they always had educational freedom it will be difficult to adjust if they ever decided to go to college, because it will be a completely different environment. Relationships can suffer from being around each other all the time and can cause tension at home. One on one learning is not always the best.

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They will not have the opportunity to work as a team and with peers. Homeschooling is not beneficial because students will have too much educational freedom, relationships with suffer, and they will not have the benefits of being in a classroom. First, students will have too much educational freedom. When you are a homeschooler you can decide to focus on certain subjects more than others. There is a bigger chance you will struggle in one subject because you are more interest in another. Homeschoolers are not restricted to a time limit that focuses them to move from one subject to another.

That can make it difficult for them in the future when they do have restrictions and deadlines they need to stick by. If a student has too much freedom, because the curriculum can be swayed, they move at a slower pace (Benefits). Without having to be on a set schedule they will not learn to be organized and be prepared for deadlines. They will be used to things being easier for them because homeschool student are not being challenged with the same assignments and projects that public school student are. It is also very common their curriculum to shift to their family’s values and beliefs (Takahasi).

They will not be learning about things in a general way like a public school student would be. Second, homeschooling can cause students relationships to suffer. When a student has to spend all day with their parent it can cause some tension. Since they will not be spending much time away from each other, they can lose their patience and get frustrated. It can put a strain on their family, because it can be expansive and their schedule can get crazy. Homeschooling consumes a lot of the parents’ time and is a big change for their family (Shaw).

They will have to deal with changes like their home coming not only a comfortable place but a child’s only learning environment. It can also affect their relationships with their peers. They will not be around kids their own age, or be able to interact with them on a daily bases. Homeschooling does not let students interact with others like they would in a normal classroom setting. Personally I have seen kids who are homeschooled have a lot of regret. They wish they had a normal learning experience, and could be able to make friends. They will feel isolated and different from other kids their age.

They will also be missing out on important things like extracurricular actives, sport, and clubs. They will be missing out on the opportunity to be part of a graduation ceremony. Finally, homeschoolers will not get to have the benefits of learning in a class room. They will not get the opportunity to experience having a class discussion, or projects that involve working with others. They will be too relaxed and not feel the pressure of trying to do their best in school. Homeschooling also does not give students the opportunity to have some healthy competition (Pros).

The students want to strive to be the best student or earn awards or learn leadership in sport because they are not a public school where that is common. They will most likely be average students because they do not have the opportunity to over achieve. Homeschoolers will not learn to work as a team or in a group and that can affect them as they get older. They will not be comfortable in a group environment because they have never had to work that way. They will not have other people they can turn to when they need help understanding something.

Homeschoolers are only taught be one person in every subject. If the learning style that they are being taught in does not work for them they are going to suffer. They are not being taught by teachers who have gone through training or that have earned their teaching credentials. Although they might be learning the basics just fine they are limiting themselves to how much they can actually learn. In a normal class room, students can turn to their peers and classmates to ask for help but that would not be possible for homeschoolers.

Not every parent can be patient and helpful all the time (Mary). The relationship between a teacher and student and a child and parent is completely different. It will be hard to distance those relationships for a learning environment. In conclusion, homeschooling is not a beneficial route for students. It will only cause problems such as regret and a yearning to have the education public school students have. They will have too much educational freedom, their relationships with others will suffer, and they will not have the benefits of learning in a class room environment.

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