Home Sweet Home

6 June 2019

Walking around campus, there is a sense of familiarity. The people, the buildings, the landscape; it is all something that I have been accustomed to for four years now. Saying goodbye to friends, whom I consider family, will be difficult. After living amongst all of these things for so long, leaving will definitely be bitter-sweet. Why will it be so hard to leave?
Home does not have to be a place that you go to every day after school or work. Home should be where you feel most comfortable. As a matter of fact, I can think of more than one place that I like to consider home. The first place being Culver, that is, until it is my time to leave. The second place I consider home is in Indianapolis. This is where my family resides and where I will return to after life at Culver. My third home happens to be my grandmother’s house in Southern Indiana. While I might only be there once or twice a year, it is where I grew up.

Going to school at Culver, I have adapted to the lifestyle here in many ways. I have my routines just as anyone else does at their home. I do consider Culver to be my primary home. I am here nine months out of the year and feel a sense of comfort when on campus. My family is the fifty kids that live amongst me in the dorms. They are the people you can always rely on; it is not hard to find a shoulder to lean on as we support one another.

Home Sweet Home Essay Example

When my four years are up, I will leave Culver, but will never forget the great times I had here. I will forever consider it to be one of my homes as some of my fondest memories come from this wonderful place. As I move on into college, I am sure that it will slowly transform into a place I also consider home. Home will never be one location, house or town. You cannot define it or pinpoint it. Home is the sense of comfort and familiarity you carry along with yourself as you move on to different chapters in your life.

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