Homeless Shelters

8 August 2016

Homelessness is the condition and social category of people who lack housing, because they cannot afford, or are otherwise unable to maintain, a regular, safe, and adequate shelter. Did you know that in the whole wide world there are over 100 million people that have no shelter, and in Canada there are about 200,000 people that experience homelessness in a year? This leaves about 30,000 homeless people every night. This is a big problem worldwide and it may not seem as a big problem within Canada but it really is.

We as a society need to address this issue and get the minister of social services to raise the amount of homeless shelters within an area. This is a problem that needs to be solved. As a Canadian Citizen I feel very strongly about this topic for 2 main reasons number one being that I am able to show empathy towards others . Empathy is being able to understand another person’s circumstances, point of view, thoughts, and feelings and number two trying to make a difference not only in the country I was born and raised in but in the world.

Homeless Shelters Essay Example

Simply by getting people of the street by petitioning to the Minister of Social services. This issue is being address to you out of the common good of my heart and will hopefully will come out of your heart, take a minute and imagine yourself living on the streets for just 1 day without no food, water or heat and if you’re able to put yourself in that persons shoes and realize how hard it must be for them and now wants to help raise the amount of homeless shelters within in an area you just showed a great amount of empathy.

We need to make a change and stop making stories like this be in the news http://www. theguardian. com/society/patrick-butler-cuts-blog/2013/jun/26/homeless-nightshelter-crisis-ministers-find-own-money and this http://www. theguardian. com/society/patrick-butler-cuts-blog/2013/sep/05/homelessness-housing-benefit-starts-to-hit-home more stories that show us morally good humans making a change.

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