Homeschooling should replace normal schooling for the betterment of students in Hong Kong

7 July 2016

Homeschooling refers to the education of children at home, typically by parents or tutors, unlike the formal settings of schools. In many countries around the world, children are not legally obligated to attend school. In England, France, Canada, the United States and Australia, it is perfectly legal for parents to educate their kids at home. Homeschooling is becoming more popular every day, with a growth rate of 7 to 15 percent per year over the world. There are about two million children currently learning at home in the world.

Homeschooled kids do well on standardized tests, are welcome at college and universities, and as adults, have a reputation for being self-directed learners and reliable employees. This essay is going to examine whether homeschooling should replace normal schooling for the betterment of students in Hong Kong. Homeschooling makes children miss the golden opportunity to practice their social skills. School is the miniature of society. One needs to have not only knowledge of the world, but also interpersonal communication skills in order to survive, not to mention excel in a society.

Homeschooling should replace normal schooling for the betterment of students in Hong Kong Essay Example

If a child is taught at home solely by his/ her parents, the child misses the chance to meet and interact with other kids. Peer learning has vital benefits as well. By communicating with friends, students can improve their interpersonal skills. Homeschooled children cannot take part in extra-curricular activities like debate, choir and team sports. As interactive learning is such an important component in modern education, homeschooling deprives children of their chance to develop their social skills and network, and even friends.

Furthermore, home is not the most suitable environment for learning which lower the effectiveness of learning. Home cannot provide many different hardware which can only be provided by day schools. For instance, the different kinds of experiments must be conducted in a safety equipped and qualified laboratory . The many apparatus like Bunsen Burner, funnel and beaker can only be found in a laboratory. Home can never provide such hardware to support the diverse learning needs of children . The equipment of language labs, music room and library only appear in a school setting.

Besides, there are too many temptations at home, such as television and computer games, which would prevent children from concentrating on learning. Homeschooling undermines the development of creative thinking. Parents-to-children teaching is after all the indoctrination of parents thinking and values system to their children. In Hong Kong, most parents are very concerned about their children and hope them have a bright future. Therefore, they may try to give what they think is the best to the children.

It is common that parents force their children to have piano lesson, choir practice, drawing class and so on in Hong Kong. Parents tend to forcefully spoon feed what they want their children to know. In many cases, children cannot develop multiple thinking perspectives. They just do what their parents ask them to do. Their creativity and critical thinking, which are highly-valued in today’s competitive world, can hardly be formed. On the other hand, it is not suitable to implement home-schooling in Hong Kong. Most parents have full time job. They do not have time to teach their children.

Moreover, parents are not professional in teaching when compared to trained teachers. They may not know how to teach their children effectively. Also, it is impossible for parents to know all knowledge of different subjects. In school, teachers are specialize in few subjects and they can concentrate on those subjects to prepare teaching materials. According to Bill and Ana Moody, who homeschool their children, they admitted that it is hard to teach science topics properly at home. They do not have sufficient knowledge of science and science requires to do experiments.

Homeschooling brings another problem: how to assess the ability of students? Hong Kong is a knowledge-based society, it is important to have certificates to prove one’s academic Usually, one will get a job easily with higher education level. Different jobs have different required education levels. If homeschooling is implemented, there is no standard to assess students unless all students join public examinations offered by authorized organization and the Education Bureau. Homeschooling does not provide a standard to assess whether students has understand the knowledge fully.

As every parents and tutors may have design a different curriculum for students, there is no standard of what basic knowledge that students should learn. Some people argued that a unified education system simply cannot cater for the individual needs of each and every student and, therefore, homeschooling is a better way for children to learn as it is more flexible which can cater individual’s needs. It can provide a tailor-made learning schedule which can cater learning speed of the children and specific requirements by those who best understand them: their parents.

It may allow students a more flexible combination of subjects which cater for individual needs. This would arouse interest in study, giving students the initiative to learn. However, small class teaching , which is quite popular in Hong Kong, can also cater the needs of different children. Due to the decreasing birth rate, schools started to implement small-class teaching and has smaller teacher-to student ratio. This allows teachers to pay more attention to each student in class. Flexible combination of subjects can also be achieved by new curriculum.

In the past, usually students were divided into art, science and commerce classes and they were only allowed to choose subjects which are related to each other. Now, students under the new curriculum are allowed to choose subjects freely. For example, student can choose to study Biology, a science subject, and Geography, an art subject. Some also claimed that homeschooling can enhance close family relationship. However, this may not be true. Conflicts and arguments are easily happened when parents stay with their children all the time.

Parents may easily lose temper when their children are not listening to them or cannot follow their teaching schedule as they are more emotionally affected when facing their own children. Moreover, children may easily lose concentration on learning as there are too many temptations at home as mentioned before. If parents punished their children for this, the parent-child relationship would suffer. All in all, homeschooling should not replace normal schooling for the betterment of students as there are too many weaknesses of homeschooling though admitted that normal schooling has its flaws.

In the current education system, students are required to study a fixed and long syllabus within a short period of time. Students study under tremendous pressure and may eventually lose interest in study. However, homeschooling neglects the social development of children which is vital in modern society. Normal schooling not only let children to absorb knowledge, it also gives chances for children to socialize and provides an all-round education. Also, the advantages and claims of homeschooling can also achieved by other means under the system of normal schooling.

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