Homesick by A Day to Remember

8 August 2019

After listening to the band A Day to Remember I have realized that their numerous songs are all great. All of their songs have certain meanings behind them filled with emotions that a listener could be able to feel. Sometimes the songs may feel so realistic that they can even relate to you somehow maybe from something in the past or present. I never seem to get sick of their songs and I think another reason why that is is because of the lead vocalist, Jeremy McKinnon, and his unique voice. I would be able to identify his voice anywhere. Their album Homesick of twelve songs and my two favorites out of that album would have to be If it Means a lot to you and Have Faith in Me. Those songs are the ones that relate to me the most and even sometimes make me feel better when I might be feeling sort of down. The stories behind these lyrics are what make the songs even more special. Their songs in general can also mean different things to different people, but can also in a way pump someone up or keep them calm. Overall I highly recommend taking the time to listen to the music this band has to offer and listen carefully to what the lyrics are telling you. Even if you are not much of a Rock type of person I think it is worth a shot.

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