Homesick by A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember: Homesick

A Day to Remember is a pop-punk, metalcore, and sometimes post-hardcore band out of Ocala, Florida. They have released a total of four studio albums, nine singles, eight music videos, have been signed twice, and been through three band members in a little over seven years. They have been widely criticized for their fusion of many different genres, and albums widely ranging in theme.

The band formed in 2003 with the original lineup consisting of singer Jeremy McKinnon, guitarists Neil Westfall and Tom Denney, bassist Joshua Woodard, and drummer Bobby Scruggs. The band began playing shows around Florida. They released their first studio album in May 2005 titled, “And Their Name Was Treason.” The album sold about 8,690 copies, which made a name for them, and gave them hope for more and bigger things to come.

In 2006 A Day to Remember signed to ‘Victory Records’, which really gave the band a boost in confidence. Soon after singing to Victory Records, the band replaced their old drummer, Bobby Scruggs, with Alex Shellnut. In early 2007 they released their 2nd full studio album, For Those Who Have Heart.

After touring with many big name bands, they released their most anticipated album yet in 2008 titled, Homesick. This album was recorded largely after being on tour for the prior two years, and the band tried to express their emotions after being away from their homes and families for so long.

While previously recording more ‘pop-punk’ albums in the past, A Day to Remember decided to release a harder and faster album in 2008. Songs like “I’m Made of Wax Larry, What are You Made of?” Shows the groups ability to make a faster tempo song, but still keep their signature melodic feeling that made them famous. The album also features songs like “The Downfall of Us All” and “Mr. Highways Thinking about the End” features slower, but heavier songs. The group jokes that “Mr. Highways Thinking about the End” will be the heaviest song they ever wrote, but that could be argued. Overall, the album features rapid tempos, bass pounding breakdowns, and the intricacy that makes the band unique.

“Homesick” by A Day to Remember reached 21 in the Billboard Top 200 shortly after coming out. The album sparked a multi-continent tour which featured many other big named bands, and put the band on the map for many new listeners to come.

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