Homework – An Essential Part of Student Life

Homework, as the name defines it is the work that is supposed to be done at home. Teachers generally make it a point to give something for homework. The reasons why homework is an essential part of a student’s life: Homework is important for the learning process The best way to get perfect at something is to practice it. When teachers generally give homework to the students, their main aim is to develop the student’s skills and enhance his learning abilities. Repetitive studying of the same topic helps to memorize it well.

The speed of learning is definitely enhanced when anything is done again and again. This can definitely be attributed to homework. Sometimes homework also makes learning easier and interesting. Students don’t come to know when they have memorized things while repeating. Provides the required process This also helps them provide a proper procedure of how to study which topic is to be studied when. The things are aligned in a proper fashion which indirectly reduces the burden of the student.

Once a procedure or norm is set, students generally follow the same. This also develops a sense of discipline and responsibility in them. Teaches the importance of time management and deadlines Time and tide waits for no man. It is very true that the time once gone can never be regained. Students need to realise the importance of the time. They need to develop a good sense of time management. This is another major benefit that homework does for them. Time management instils a sense of responsibility in them.

They become self- dependent. An icing on the cake is when they get appreciations for their work, from their teachers and fellow students. Time management helps them become a better and organized human being. Also they understand prioritisation. They slowly grab the importance of prioritizing things and activities in their life. They understand what is to be done when. Helps to improve on the student’s skill to review Students develop a very good habit of reviewing their performance and retaining abilities.

Generally homework is the extension of classwork, so this helps the student to look back in the day activity and detect how much he has grasped. Although student at that point of time may feel that they are being burdened with such work. They would definitely realize one day the addition to their skills which take place with such homework. The windows of the mind are thrown open and students are made to think out of box. This enhances their creativity and helps them in developing self- judgement. Their reasoning and analytical ability is also enhanced.

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