Homework by Daft Punk

8 August 2019

Daft Punk: Homework Album Review

French house duo Daft Punk, knows how to mess with the dance/house genre in a plethora of strange ways. It’s hard to tell where they get there influences since there music is so original. There album “Homework” displays this. Some songs of this album may follow the standard dance format of a kick drum, hi hat, and a snare, with some bassy nonsense overtop of it. But a lot of the songs on this album are rather weird. Animal noises, traffic, and ocean waves smashing into the beach. It has effects and sounds that create amazing atmosphere and depth to the music. This makes this a very original sounding collection of music. It’s different, and unusual in dance music, but even though it’s strange it still has great beats and melodies that are fun to dance to.
At times this album can get super repetitive, which is excusable for dance music.

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And the way vocals are used (repeating the same 5 word sentence for 7 minutes.) can get annoying. But that doesn’t always matter with the great heavy bass lines that compliment the fast and intense melodies.

Now there is some stuff on this album thats just awful. There’s one song that sounds like this: BWEEEE$#@EEE434LEW. It’s just noise and nonsense, there’s no recognizable melody.

This album is a great combination of dance music and odd ambient music. The melodies are great and the beats are exciting to dance to. I wouldn’t recommend buying this album just to sit and listen to, that’s not what it’s meant for. You could find yourself bored do to the repetition of the songs. But if you need songs to dance to or workout to. Pick up this album, it’s definitely one of the better dance albums out there and is worth a buy.

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