8 August 2016

Which Students have an ID number that is less than 50000? b. What is the name of the faculty member whose ID is 4756? c. What is the smallest section number used in the first semester of 2008? d. How many Students are enrolled in Section 2714 in the first semester 2008? e. Which faculty members have qualified to teach a course since 1993? List the faculty ID, course, and date of qualification. f. Which Students are enrolled in Database and Networking? (Hint: Use the SectionID for each class so you can determine the answer from the IS_REGISTERED table by itself.) g.

Which instructors cannot teach both Syst Analysis and Syst Design? h. What are the courses included in the Section table? List each course only once. i. List all Students in alphabetical order by StudentName. j. List the Student who are enrolled in each course in Semester I, 2008. Group the Students by the sections in which they are enrolled.

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k. List the courses available. Group them by course prefix. (ISM is the only prefix shown but there are many others throughout the university. )

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