Honesty Friendship

1 January 2017

In a friendship relationship honesty is the most important trait one should have. Although many traits such as respectfulness, trustworthiness and caring are also important to have one believes that honesty is the number one trait. Honesty means telling the truth, having good intentions and being sincere. To establish a friendship relationship one should be able to believe in each other. An example of this is believing in each other is when a friend borrows money and they say they will return it the next day.

They are giving their word. If they just keep the money and never return it to back then they are considered to be a dishonest person and the friendship can fall apart. Instead they should be honest and tell the truth of why they couldn’t return the money and maybe the friendship could be restored. Having good intentions speaks about having good character. When one has good intentions then one can be believed in.

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For instance if a friend tells another friend that a particular person has acrush on them, this action may cause resentfulness because they may have a crush on another person. Even though the intentions were good intentions the actions could become disastrous because the relationship will be broken. Another form of honesty is if one goes into class and a cell phone is left behind on a chair; what would one do: A: keep it or B: tell the teacher? On one occasion this was, while entering the classroom one found a cell phone and one gave it to the teacher.

By making the right choice one’s peers were able to identify one’s honesty. Setting a good example is the best thing to do. Not everyone is as honest, on one occasion one’s phone was stolen from one’s backpack, one was very unhappy. Due to not having enough money to purchase another cell phone one has had to adjust to life without a cell phone. There are many dishonest people everywhere. One’s belief is that if the item doesn’t belong to one then one must return the item. Being sincere with…

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