Honesty Within

3 March 2019

Mirrors exist to show a perfect reflection of our physical bodies, but nothing more than that. Only our words and thoughts represent our personal qualities that mean so much. The honest valueof a human is reflected in the small views of light while caught up in darkness and adversity. The trait i hold the most value to is honesty.

Honesty is to see the truth for what it really is, act upon the truth when conflict arises, and to believe the truth. I acquired honesty when i admitted i didn’t know what β€œtruth” actually meant and choose to be naive rather than denouncing others. When emerging into adulthood i was quick to judgement and easily accused other, but learned that my proofless assumptions were as bad as lies. In the dark times i hurt others. I learned from that and realized the truth as it is, is better than what i want the truth to be.

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The greatest part about honesty is that if you see yourselfas you truly are, and not as you want to be, then you can mold your future into anything you want. It may sound drastic, but i believe that if you are honest with yourself, you can assess your actions and reactions to strive for change accordingly. I believe so much in honesty because i believe integrity is one of the most sought after human qualities. Honesty creates bonds with fellow humans which help us continue on.

The golden rule taught us to, β€œDo unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Honesty can be thought of in the same way. Be honest to others and expect honesty in return. Through my actions, beliefs ,and with honesty, the smiles i have put on peoples faces my true character is shown. Honesty has granted me the ability to shape my future based on past events, making it possible to not repeat it. Only those who don’t acknowledge their faults in the past are the ones who sealed their fate and are condemned to repeat the past. I for one hope I never repeat the childish ways of my past by pointing my finger trying to find blame.

Honesty is the very aspectof personal authority, and beinghuman i am liablefor the prospective future i create. My future could provide an individual with the push they need to strive for total honesty. Its like being the seed that creates a giant redwood tree, which provides shade and shelter for other seeds to germinate and grow. I see myself while looking into the mirror with a tangible copy looking back. I see myself for who i really am, not who i want to be. With that each one of us has the seed with in, but only you can decide what tree you become.

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