Honor Society

6 June 2019

My most rewarding and stimulating experience throughout the past two years would be volunteering at the swimming competition for Special Olympics. This had special meaning for me because we have a family friend with a disability. Experiencing this important competition helped to improve my leadership skills, my character, and support my community.
First, my leadership skills developed when I independently directed each swimmer where to line up at the platform and informed each contestant when they needed to swim. I had to make sure that the swimmers were positioned and ready to perform, and if they weren’t I was responsible for not having them there. This kept me on my feet at all times and aware of each events time and location. I learned each swimmers name, since many of them swam in more than one event.
Secondly, my character was greatly improved when I saw the swimmers get their awards for winning each swimming event. I was impressed that most swimmers could swim better than I could swim myself. It astonished me by their positive attitudes, no matter whether they won or lost. This also expanded my horizons, and afforded me the opportunity to meet people I would normally not encounter in my day to day life. I went out of my comfort zone and did whatever needed to be done. It was especially rewarding when I saw the glowing faces of the contestants.
Lastly, I was of service to my community by lending a hand to this much needed organization. This is one group that most people are not actively searching to volunteer. They need many people to make this competition successful. To be a part of this organization gave me a chance to improve my community and become acquainted to the people that live in this area.
As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.” The importance of volunteering should be done throughout your life. Fortunately, through the many opportunities my church and community has offered I was privileged to be involved at this exciting and important event in these contestant’s lives. I hope to be a help at this event in years to come.

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