Hoobastank – Hoobastank

10 October 2019

Some of you are probably thinking that Hoobastank is nothing but a manufactured TRLband with a silly name. If so, you are sadly mistaken. This band has a mellowrock sound that mixes styles throughout their debut album released in November.They are currently on tour with Incubus in Europe (afterward, they’ll join 311’sU.S. tour).

Many have already made the comparison between Hoobastank andIncubus. The two bands share the same style of music and are from the sameneighborhood. The members all happen to be close friends, with Incubus’s managerworking on Hoobastank’s demos for their record label.

This is a great CDfor modern rockers. Rock has taken a softer turn lately, producing more balladsthan hard core rock. “Hoobastank” has the best of both, with softeralternative tunes mixed with harder guitar riffs. The single “Crawling inthe Dark” sounds more like Papa Roach than their melodious, alternativesound. The group has a cool karmic energy that puts the listener in a good mood.This is a CD that can even be enjoyed in front of your parents!

Hoobastank is now one of my favorite bands, and I’m sure they will soonbecome a huge success. If you don’t own this CD, you should get it.

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