Hoodoo Man Blues by Junior Wells

9 September 2019

When you listen to the album Hoodoo Man Blues it will make you feel happy. Junior Wells sang and played the harmonica in the songs. Also there were other people who played other instruments such as the guitar, bass and drums. The main theme of all of the songs is the relationship between a man and a woman. Most of the songs were fairly slow at times. The blues album was released in 1965, It is a studio album by Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band.
What I liked about this album is that Junior Wells sang in a deep voice as if he was talking in a very serious in the songs. That type of singing appealed to me. The two songs that I like best were “ Hound Dog”, because it had a catchy beat and “We’re Ready”, because there was no singing only music.
Junior Wells last album, “ SouthSide Blues Jam”, was released in 1971. This album sounds similar to his first album Hoodoo Man Blues. His last song was “ Come in this house”,released in 1996. His song sounded a little bit more raspier.
Junior Wellswas born on December 9th,1934 and died on January 15th 1998. He learned to play the Harmonica by the age of 7. He moved to Chicago in 1948. In 1952 he played in the Muddy Waters Band. He started his own band in 1953, called the Chicago blues band.
I would recommend this album to other people who like blues music. It is absolutely worth spending money on. I would rate this an 8 out of 10 album.

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