Hootie & The Blowfish

It was my first concert. My friend invited me to go with her and her mom to see Hootie and the Blowfish for her birthday and I eagerly accepted. In August we started our wild night with a submarine sandwich tailgate party. Cars were parked in every direction as far as I could see. The friendly spirit of the strangers around us pumped us up for the show. The size of Great Woods surprised me. It was smaller than I had imagined. Even our lawn seats were close enough to see the band! As the mass of people filled in, the green lawn disappeared. Adjacent blankets became communal. As soon as Hootie appeared on stage, the excited crowd roared. Everyone stood and danced for the entire two-hour act. I loved being in such a carefree environment! When Hootie finally played “Time,” I was completely satisfied. I knew this concert was the highlight of my summer. It was an awesome beginning of many concerts to come

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