Horn of Plenty, Yellow House, Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear’s music is something that puts me at a loss of words sometimes. This is partially because the music sounds like a group of ghosts just picked up instruments one day and started jamming out ominous tones of pure musical splendor and partly from the fact that they evolve, they don’t stay stagnant.

Their first full album, Horn of Plenty, is like putting a seed into the ground through to the view of the little bit of green poking out, because you know their potential; and in the beginning that is enough to make it beautiful, but at the end you see that they have become something that you didn’t fully expect but is just as satisfying.

In their second full album, Yellow House, the music isn’t as slow or gentle as in the first album, but it still contains that otherworldly charm. The vocals make your heart ache, the music transports you to a place distant from reality. It threatens the way you listen to music. It is brilliant.

The third and latest full album from Grizzly Bear, Vekatimest, is certainly an adventure to explore how to combine the depths of pop with their own unique world. This is evident in the star of the album, Two Weeks (which was featured in a car commercial during the past Superbowl). Overall, this album sounds like it’s cleaner than the previous albums, but still maintains the airy, haunted feeling that others and I have come to find as a rare gem in the realm of music.

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