Horse Slaughter Research Paper

1 January 2017

However, horse slaughter in America is not completely a negative change; it has many extremely beneficial changes on the economy and even the welfare of horses. In 2002, close to one-hundred five horses were slaughtered in three slaughter plants, two of them in Texas and one in Illinois (Cowan 1). Since horse meat is not a generally accepted food source in the United States, the majority of meat was exported to foreign countries such as Europe, and Mexico. The horse slaughtering industry exported approximately seventeen thousand metric tons, earning more than sixty-five million dollars in to the economy (Cowan 1).

The ban on horse slaughtering was placed on America in 2007; this ban prohibited the inspection of horse meat by the United States Department of Agriculture. Since this ban did not restrict the consumption of horse meat by individuals, it was seen as Constitutional by Congress, so it was passed. Since the horse slaughter industry was such a portion of the income of America before Congress defunded the regime, lifting the ban on horse slaughter not only influenced the monetary side of the economy but also the supply of food around the world where horse meat is seen as an acceptable food.

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The general population of America sees that horse slaughter is only harmful to the welfare of a horse, but they never consider the welfare of the horses that are being stolen and purposely emaciated to be shipped across the border to Mexico and Canada where horse slaughter is legal. Not only is horse slaughter legal in Mexico and Canada but also there are no regulations on the living conditions at the slaughter houses. In addition, the number of emaciated horses in America has increased dramatically due to wners unable to maintain care for their own horses anymore, and there are few willing to invest money on a new horse. After the sweltering summer of 2011 in the southern United States, most all hay prices have reached almost incomprehensible heights, and many water tanks have dried up leaving many horses without an available, acceptable water source. With the horse slaughter ban lifted, these horses could be sold to a slaughter house putting the horses out of their misery, giving the owners profitable gain and providing food to people around the world. These are great benefits to the lifting of the horse slaughter ban.

However, just like any big decision though, especially one on the slaughter of animals, there are positive and negative effects. In the American society, horses have become more of a domestic animal rather than a wild animal or just work animal. Because of a horse’s ability to show emotions, and their ability to form relationships, horses are becoming more and more referred to as a pet, just like any household cat or dog. This change in perspective towards horses has made it difficult for many people to accept allowing horses to be slaughtered for their meat as a food source.

Most people cannot imagine slaughtering their own cats or dogs, so many people refuse to accept the slaughter of horses. Also, it is possible that the amount of horses being stolen in America will increase, so they can be sold for slaughter right here in America. This does make lifting the horse slaughter ban a bit of a gamble on rather or not it will actually improve the horse industry in America. Even though lifting the horse slaughter ban in America has many negatives and positives, the benefits most definitely outweigh the consequences and negative feedback.

There will always be people who do not support the thought of slaughtering horses, but realistically there are more horses in this world than people are willing or able to care for. Knowing that horses have feeling and emotions just like humans should remind humans that humanely putting them out of their misery is a main priority. Even though slaughter in general sounds violent and wrong, in situation of horse slaughtering it can be beneficial to the economy, welfare of equines, and food supply around the world.

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