9 September 2016

Research Assignment Part A Question 1: Outline 5 different sectors of the hospitality industry and give 2 examples of establishments within the local area which operate in each sector. 1. Accommodation sector: * Fairways motel, Kandos * Kandos motel, Kandos 2. Food and beverage sector: * Bizzy Birds cafe, Rylstone * Sajos, Mudgee 3. Entertainment and recreation sector: * Kandos Museum, Kandos * Hembury Golf Club, Kandos 4. Travel and tourism sector: * Harvey World Travel, Mudgee * Information center, Mudgee 5. Clubs and gaming sector: Kandos RSL, Kandos * Club Mudgee, Mudgee Question 2: Identify one trade union which represents worker in the hospitality industry. Outline their role and the services they offer to their members. Question 3: Select an organisation which supports hospitality employers. Outline its function and what services they offer to their members. Question 4: List 3 industry magazines that will allow you to update your knowledge about the hospitality industry. * Eatdrink magazine * Restaurant & Catering Australia * Global food and wine magazine

Question 5: You have recently taken over as food and beverage manager in a five star hotel and wish to find out more information about the local coffee suppliers and their goods and services. Find 3 suppliers of coffee and list their contact information on their product range. Vittoria Coffee: We are much more than coffee. Our range also includes Santa Vittoria Italian Mineral Water, Sodas, Iced Teas, Fruit Nectars, Chocochino drinking chocolate and Gelatoria artisan style gelato. Vittoria is the choice of award winning restaurants, leading hotels and cafe icons.

Hospitality Essay Example

Head Office/Vittoria Production Facility 118 Wetherill Street Silverwater, NSW 2128 (02) 9748 0299 Fish River Roasters: At fish river roasters we roast in small batches so we can deliver to you fresh and fast. We have over ten years’ experience in cafes and roasting coffee. Our philosophy is simple: source the best coffee beans and roast each variety to bring out their best flavours and aroma. 2431 O’Connell Rd O’Connell NSW 2795 You can get in contact with us via: Email at [email protected] com. au Phone 02 6329 4860 Mobile 0429 321 565

Fax 02 6329 4861 Three Valleys Coffee: Three Valley’s Coffee is a mild coffee with excellent aroma, body, flavour and aftertaste, and, because of our climate, is naturally low in caffeine. Our pure Arabica coffee is grown, roasted and packed in the subtropical north-east of New South Wales, Australia, in the fertile area surrounding the river valleys of the Tweed, the Richmond and the Clarence rivers. 1363 Eltham Road Alstonville, NSW. 2477 Australia Ph. /Fax: 02 66281891 Mobile: 0416281891 Email: [email protected] com

Question 6: Describe 2 current trends in the hospitality industry and indicate how businesses are accommodating these trends. Identify an alternative method of displaying these trends to industry. 1. Online booking will continue to grow: The number of travellers booking and researching online is still growing. More than 114 million people will research travel online this year, while 94 million will actually book reservations. While more than 50 precent of travel bookings are made on the Internet, the online travel market has matured and I expect modest growth and stabilization. . Hoteliers will invest in reinvigorating properties to take advantage of the market: After years of delaying capital expenditures, hotel companies are betting that now is the best opportunity to renovate their properties. We’ll see even more hotels renovating lobbies, restaurants, bars and fitness centres, as well as replacing beds, TVs, and more. Hotel sales, an absolute outcome of an improved market, will spur even more renovations since sale contracts always contain a provision requiring the new owner to upgrade the property.

Question 7: Research one new technology in the hospitality industry and its implication on the workforce. * WaiterPad: WaiterPad is an easy-to-use handheld ordering solution that utilises radio frequency (RF) technology to record and transmit customer orders to preparation areas. WaiterPad is a clever use of both software and radio frequency hardware to enable restaurant staff to wirelessly order, process payments and align inventory information with back office operations.

This saves time, both for the restaurant and for the customer, which in turn increases efficiency and enhances profitability. Question 8: Access the Ecotourism Australia internet site and investigate the meaning of the term ecotourism. List 2 ecotourism sites in Australia and identify the environmental concerns of these sites. Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

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