Hot Dog! A History

4 April 2015
An in depth history of the hot dog, and discussion of hot dog related issues. i.e. hot dog to bun ratio conspiracy.

Hot Dog! a History

Hot Dog! A History Essay Example

This is a research paper written about the history and reputation of the hot dog. It discusses the origin of the hot dog, origin of the word hot dog, and discusses various aspects and impacts of the hot dog’s existence in today’s American culture.

“Although hot dogs originated in Germany, hot dogs are still as American as apple pie. Hot dogs are one of the oldest forms of processed food, having been mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey as far back as the 9th Century B.C. (Jackson) At first glance one might think that the Hot Dog has a rather dry history. Upon prying into the archives and prying into the taste buds of the masses, I discovered the hot dogs meaty and controversial history and prominent present gives people plenty to say about the 500 year old dog.”
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