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9 September 2016

The project report is based on my working (as a intern) in Front office, Housekeeping and cover all the aspects of front office and housekeeping and their functioning. [pic] Welcome to THE APEX CHANDIGARH (Company profile) THE APEX CHANDIGARH is Spanish for ‘beautiful view’. The glowing icon of elegant CHANDIGARH offers a tranquil yet suave stay for those who yearn for it. Cosseted by the stunning Shivaliks, the couture hotel upholds her name that gets word by word translated as “beautiful view”. Indulge in the charms of impeccable luxury offered by the most benevolent host in CHANDIGARH . At, get ready to be carried away by the gambol of opulence attributed by restful hues, rich silks, swaged velvets, ornate drapery and cozy beds.

The APEX is the best-located luxury hotel in the city of CHANDIGARH with 49 rooms with extensive food and beverages/ banqueting and conference facilities. [pic] Location Advantage: The APEX GRAND is the best-located luxury hotel in the city of CHANDIGARH . Check in as a leisure tourist or as a business traveler at the hotel, either ways you have only advantages. Located at just a stone’s throw away from the city’s railway terminus, the boutique hotel is a great advantage to those who choose to fly in to the metropolis. Call GRAND as a CHANDIGARH Highway hotel because it is conveniently located at the convergence of plap- CHANDIGARH highway in the heart of CHANDIGARH city centre. [pic] Organizational Hierarchy [pic] [pic] GUEST ROOMS:

Hotel and Apex Chandigarh Essay Example

THE APEX CHANDIGARH is the best-located luxury hotel in the city of CHANDIGARH with 49 rooms including Deluxe 29, Premium 7, Pool side premium 6, Pool /Jacuzzi suite 4, Presidential suite 2. 1) DELUXE ROOMS: [pic] Accommodation in CHANDIGARH attains superlative standards with THE APEX CHANDIGARH . The enticing features that constitute the warmth and dedication of THE APEX CHANDIGARH give it an unbeatable address among CHANDIGARH Hotels. The search for a stay with the charming boutique hotel located in the heart of CHANDIGARH city starts with the deluxe room. The deluxe rooms adroitly balance award-winning designs with the distinctive touch of Mother Nature to result in a hearty relation between the host and guest.

Out of the 29 deluxe rooms, 8 offer twin beds while the rest 22 come with double beds. Each air conditioned rooms feature style and convenience which are ensured by people who take care of even the tiniest of your needs. A comfortable room with pleasant surroundings: this is what has made the deluxe a favorite among our elite guests. Each of the 27 square meters rooms showcases king size / twin sharing beds, LCD TV (32” / 42”), Mini bar, internet access, tea / coffee maker, electronic safe and shower cubicle / bathtub endowing you with the best provisos of an elegant stay. [pic] 2) PREMIUM WITH BALCONY /TERRACE: [pic] When you are with THE APEX CHANDIGARH , you do not stay in a premium room, you experience it!

Each of the 8 rooms is comfortable, elegantly designed, air-conditioned with extras such as flat screen TV, luxurious linen, gleaming bathrooms that can offer you invigorating rain showers, fluffy towels and mirrors. Open these generously spaced rooms into the luxury of a balcony that bestows a breath-taking view of the Shivalik Hills. Overlooking the pool-deck, the premium rooms feature every essential amenity that accompanies a plush stay. Furthering on the deluxe facilities like LCD TV, mini bar, internet access, coffee maker, and electronic safe, you get to treat yourself with the soothing strokes of nature. The 44 square meters room delivers an accommodation in CHANDIGARH which is high on style.

Enjoy the luxury of a desk if one of those creative writing skills spell seizes you when you respite in the lap of luxury. Nibble on a chocolate or sip a coke from the fridge as you delight in the visual feast endowed by the Shivalik hills during the day or the city lights at night. 3) PREMIUM WITH ACCESS TO POOL [pic] [pic] Relish your solitude with a private pool. Lounge by it after cool dips and enjoy the picturesque Shivaliks. The luxury room with access to a plunge pool displays intricate decor and superlative amenities that allow you to indulge in lavishness. Reinvigorate your senses utilizing the superior attributes that characterize the rooms like the pool or a mini-bar.

It is not just about finding yourself; it is also about treating yourself with a break that you have always wanted from your hectic schedule. The 6 stylish premium rooms with access to a plunge pool come with a generous space of 44 square meters. Avail all the glamour you would like to have when you pay without questions. Interior decorations that are appealing even to the finickiest of guests make the rooms a crowning glory for the hotel. When you stay in these rooms, you spoil yourself with indulgence and exclusiveness. One thing the guests of THE APEX CHANDIGARH can be assured of is that the hotel never rests on its laurels but evolves constantly. This unique factor makes it a soaring name among the hotels in CHANDIGARH .

Owing to its key position in the busy CHANDIGARH city center, THE APEX CHANDIGARH is hailed as one of the best located accommodations in the urban centre. This splendid hotel is always lauded for imparting lively, innovative and relevant accommodation in CHANDIGARH . 4)POOL SUITE/JUCUZZI SUITE : [pic] Tastefully designed for the romantically disposed, the pool suites delight you with their idyllic and tender ambiance. Measuring around 60 square meters, the rooms offer you an exclusivity that you dearly want. Get ready to spoil yourself in the classically inspired decors of the suites that are bestowed with the elite of attributes that include a swimming pool too. [pic] ool suites seduce you right from the moment you step into them with their fresh and contemporary interiors. You secure the finest terms of luxury in here that can bless you with a plunge pool and Jacuzzi within the room along with a LCD TV, mini-bar, internet access, tea / coffee maker, iPod dock and an electronic safe. The glorious opulence of the suites is taken to a sublime level with these first-rate amenities that are inevitable for a hearty stay. The finest aspect of your choosing a pool suite rests with the Jacuzzi and the pool. Enjoy the refreshing treat of a Jacuzzi in the splendor of a glinting bathroom or delight in the lavishness offered by a swimming pool, all for you. ) PRESIDENTIAL SUITE: [pic] We know the exact things you are looking for while choosing a presidential room. Designed a cut above your grandest expectations, the suites offer you unmatched comforts and conveniences. A private deck to enjoy the sun, a lounge to entertain your guests, a Jacuzzi to reinvigorate yourself, a treadmill to stay in shape and a splendid view of the hills and city-lights; THE APEX CHANDIGARH ’s presidential suites are impeccable epitomes of rooms that can envelop you with fulfilling luxury. Sumptuous luxury and comforts await you at these chic rooms that showcase ornate furniture, grand drapery, rich silks and soporifically colored walls.

The extravagance of a private terrace allows you to bask in the sun beholding a picturesque panorama of the beautiful Shivalik hills. Lighten yourself chit-chatting with your guests in the spacious lounge. [pic] FACILITIES: [pic] Avail it all when you are with THE APEX CHANDIGARH . The tiniest of your travel needs are taken care of by us. Repose in the lounge or get rejuvenated by a spa or a swim. Do not miss out on your fitness regimen while travelling; work out to your wish in the fully-equipped gymnasium or trot along the jogging path in vicinity. Secure the most attentive and personalized care if you are a person with special needs. Remain qualm-free about your laundry and baggage just as you are carefree about everything else. BUSINESS SUPPORT: [pic]

Audio-visual equipment. Business center. Board room/meeting room. Wireless internet access in public area. [pic] COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE: [pic] Baggage storage. Concierge desk. Travel desk. Laundry service. Lounge (operating shortly) Facilities for people with special needs. Safety and security arrangements. FITNESS AND RECREATION: [pic] Swimming pool. Spa. Well equipped gym. Jogging path in vicinity. [pic] FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Sumptuously Western, the Serenade [pic] The best of lip-smacking continental cuisines awaits you at the serenade. We promise a life-time culinary experience that allows you to savor everything nouvelle to haute of the Western platter.

Enjoy Al-fresco dining in the beautiful pool deck of the bistro that offers all- day dining to the connoisseurs of food. To satisfy the foodies in our guests is the primary motive of this elegant hotel. Along with the far-fetched experience of dining in CHANDIGARH , you will also get an opportunity to delve into a Coffee Shop and have the best of your times with hot beverages that have mesmerized the world. This captivating cafeteria is situated at Level 4 with a capacity to accommodate 48 people under a charming ceiling and 24 on the deck in particular. You cannot escape the temptation of bagging a stay at the THE APEX CHANDIGARH , for the Serenade is not only about western dining but also is a delighting in sumptuous Indian Cuisines.

If you are in CHANDIGARH , this is the place you should look forward for the perfect outdoor dining paired with chaise lounge, gorgeous crockery, perfect sectional seating area or a beautiful place for a cozy chit chat. The Serenade offers you a wide spectrum of luscious and savory flavors to tempt your palate. Come to The THE APEX CHANDIGARH , have the involvement with divine cuisines and make merry! [pic] SAVOR PAN-ASIAN CUISINES AND BREWS, THE APEX ASIA “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it”. Give away yourself to the sumptuous treats offered here through countless Pan-Asian delicacies, uplifting spirits and mouth-watering gelatos.

In Bella Asia, you can resist everything but temptation. [pic] If you are one of those fun-loving souls who look for a bar in CHANDIGARH , you choose the perfect place for sheer entertainment at the Briobar newly named as Bella Asia. Cater to your enthusiasm for a 360 degree view of thriving nightlife of CHANDIGARH . You can find the flawless night club atmosphere at this place and get familiar with the supreme fun of nightlife and clubs in CHANDIGARH . It offers you appetizing food and drinks in a wide range that enables you to be on highest of your spirits. You cannot do away with the fascination of varied palates offered here along with the life-time experience of the rocking nightlife.

While you are here in CHANDIGARH , don’t miss a chance to gift yourself an experience that you always deserved. Stay at the THE APEX CHANDIGARH and spoil yourself with the matchless pleasure of dining in CHANDIGARH FLORENCE AND SIENA (banquet and meeting) The Banquet facility includes two Halls (Florence and Siena) with a capacity of 350 persons for cocktails / receptions, or 200 persons in theatre style seating. The pre-function area opens to a beautiful outdoor terrace that adds to the charm of the event. [pic] Front office: The front office is the nerve center of a hotel property. Communication and accounting are two of the most important operations in the front office desk operations .

Effective communications with guests, employees and other departments of the hotel-are paramount in projecting a hospitality image, answering guest inquiries about the hotel services and other guests, marketing and sales departments requests for information on guest room availability , housekeeping department inquiries concerning guest reservations are but a few of the routine tasks performed almost constantly by a hotel front desk in its role in communications hub. Accounting procedures involving charges to registered and non-registered hotel guests accounts are also very important in the hospitality field. Itemized charges are necessary to show the breakdown of charges if a guest questions a bill. [pic] [pic] House keeping:

The housekeeping department in the hotel is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of the entire property from the entrance area to the farthest basement of the hotel. The prosperity of the hotel is on giving it continues patronage not only because of this attractive advertisements and expensive decor . It is the care shown in locking after the smallest detail of cleanliness, promptness of service and cheerful staff that remains as a memory of a fine hotel and which ensures its flourishing business. Food And Beverage: Food and beverage control is a must in every catering establishment, which wants to run it in a very organized manner.

Food and Beverage control helps regulate the cost, pilferage etc. Without it the revenue of the establishment cannot be kept in check. The cost of food and beverage in a commercial sector is usually within the range of 40% of the total operating cost. The food and beverage controls all the functioning through food cost control and portion control. The F&B department is divided into F&B Production and F&B Service. [pic] F & B PRODUCTION ORGANISATIONAL CHART [pic] [pic] F &B SERVICE ORGANISATIONAL CHART [pic] [pic] Kitchen stewarding: This department is there to deal with upkeep of the cleanliness of all the back areas: the stewarding takes care of all service areas of the hotel.

Service areas where guests interference is absolutely nil and these areas are used only by the hotel stuff . The main work done by the department is wiping the floors of all service areas , washing cutlery and crockery of all the restaurants , electroplating the silverware, etc. Hr Department: Personnel management is a general term that means the total function of recruitment, selection, development and utilization of the employees, executives as well as rank and file workers. It is a part of general management which is concerned with the people at work. This department assists within the acquisition, development and retention of human resources necessary for the organization. Training Department:

Training department is also a part of the Personnel department only. The personnel department has a separate training manager for the training department or sometimes the personnel management himself is the training manager. In this department the students from different catering institutes, graduates, trainees, and management trainees are given training in the hotels in its various departments. [pic] [pic] [pic] Purchase, Receiving And Stores: Purchase department is the responsible for the entire purchase of the hotel. Accounts and finance: This department keeps track of all the money transactions of all the hotel. The uniform system of accounting is followed in the respect to the hotel income.

The accounts and finance department do analyzing all the accounting activities that are planning, budgeting. It is also responsible for preparing financial reports with regard to income and expenditure. Engineering & Maintenance: The members of engineering department perform their jobs almost entirely behind the scenes. This department is of great importance to both the operation and the profits of the hotel. Power and lighting expenses are a major cost of operation and maintenance problems could produce serious revenue losses if guests are neglected. This department takes care of the repairs and the maintenance work to be done in all the areas.

Different activities undertaken by this department are: 1) Electrical lighting system 2) Plumbing system 3) Heating and ventilation 4) General building maintenance and repair 5) Maintenance of exterior grounds 6) Fire fighting (initial stages) [pic] Security: The security department, through, not related to the hotel in its functional aspects, is very important for the image of the hotel. When a guest is staying in a hotel there are possibilities of theft, murder, vandalism or any other unwanted happenings. The management is responsible for the security of the guests and their belongings till the time he has checked out of the hotel. IT Department: M. I.

S refers to that information which is given to the managers for them to be able to smoothly run a hotel. This process of MIS is divided into- Collecting data Identifying important information Presenting the information. The processed information is given to the managers & executive, there are several reports, which are standardized as requested especially office reports & their proposals for the use of operational areas in the hotel. SALES AND PR &MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS: This department deals with the selling of rooms, banquets, F&B outlets. There are different teams that go to different corporate offices. Also there are different segments that are targeted. There is corporate sales team, travel agents sales team, banquet sales team.

The PR & MARKETING Communication department is responsible for the handling of events that happens in the hotel and the advertisements of the hotel. [pic] REPORTS IN VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS: FRONT OFFICE: The daily room occupancy &room status reports &the number of rooms sold on the previous day. It also gives today ‘check-in’ & ‘check-out’ details. Market segment analysis- analysis of occupancy customer segmentation (F. O sales &marketing). Guest ledger outstanding – dues from stay on guest who hasn’t yet paid, on expense of prescribed amount (F. O. M) Daily & weekly reports – daily &weekly renewal of actual income against budget for all areas of the hotel. Arrival &departure register. Room shifting register. Left luggage receipt book. Log book. Flash report-details of income & occupancy.

HOUSE KEEPING: Linen exchange registers. [pic] Attendance registers. Flower indent sheet. Laundry registers. Daily linen exchange sheet. FOOD &BEVERAGE PRODUCTION: Kitchen order ticket. Purchase indents sheets. Monthly F& B cost reports. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE: Sales summary. Banquet sheets. Banquet outstanding reports. PURCHASE AND STORES: Purchase Order. General order. Special order. [pic] ACCOUNTS & FINANCES: Credit cards business report- details of credit & turnover. Foreign exchange earnings. Expenditure tax report. Cash flow statement. Room sales & cash discrepancies. Cashier summary sheet. [pic] ISSUES & CHALLENGES FOR HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY ) Shortage of skilled employees: one of the greatest challenges plaguing the hospitality industry is the unavailability of quality workforce in different skill levels. 2) Retaining quality workforce: retention of the workforce through training and development in the hotel industry is a problem and attrition levels are too high. One of the reasons for this is unattractive wage packages. Though there is a boom in the service sector, most of the hotel management graduates are joining other sectors like retail and aviation. 3) Intense competition and image of India: the industry is witnessing heightened competition with the arrival of new players, new products and new systems. The competition from neighboring countries and negative perceptions about India tourism product constrains the growth of tourism.

The image of India as a country overrun by poverty, political instability, safety concerns and diseases also harms the tourism industry. 4) Customer expectations: As India is emerging as a destination on the global travel map, expectations of customers are rising, the companies have to focus on customer loyalty and repeat purchases. 5) Human Recourse development: some of the services required in the tourism industry in the tourism and hotel industries are highly personalized. And no amount of automation can substitute for personal service providers. India is focusing more on white collar jobs than blue collar jobs. The shortage of blue collar employees will pose various threats to the industry. [pic] RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommendations to THE APEX CHANDIGARH : ) Tie-ups with institutions: Industry should constitute necessary tie-up arrangement for their required best human resources with one or two nearby hospitality institutions. 2) Continuous training: There is a need of continuous training to all categories of employees in the organization. when they have a tie-up with institutes , the institutes will offer in –house training to different category of employees from time to time to update their skills. 3) Sponsoring: It is the duty of the industry to sponsor some amount /equipment to the institute for their betterment . if possible the sponsor a chair for continuous funding and research for that institute. 4) Research:

Every institute must spend some amount for the research which is essential for further development and understand the present situation. The industry should involve in the researchers by providing timely information and data which is ultimately useful for them only. [pic] ANALYSIS AND RESULTS OF THE CASE: During the process of framing the advertising policies we came across certain drawbacks in the method of sale promotion and advertising. those critical points are as follows: ANALYSIS: 1) The company was unable to create an impression in the mind of target customers due to lack of planning in implementation of proper advertising methods. 2) The hotel was not interested in putting a large amount on electronic media and print media for advertisements. RESULTS: ) The advertising methods were improved and investment was made open heartedly by the company to increase sales and create a brand image. 2) The company got good tourism response. 3) It came into neck to neck competition with its worthy opponents. [pic] Conclusion: Hotel industry is a phenomenon growing and developing with a boom and has become a major industry. This is one of the virtues of being the guest fortune earner and an employment intensive industry. It is estimated that 60-70% of money spent by the tourists goes on boarding and lodging on an average. The hotel industry is undergoing tremendous change with respect to management, service; marketing etc. the management is becoming totally professional with innovative thinking in administration of hotel functions.

This project has been prepared , after a training of three months at THE APEX CHANDIGARH , CHANDIGARH . the project includes profiles of the hotels and looks into details of various departments. the project’s objective is to understand all the operational expenses of the hotel. the understanding has only been achieved after training in each department. the front office department ,which is the nerve center of the hotel, is the first point of guest conversation with the hotel. it deals with the functions like reservation , checkin /checkout,cashier service, etc. The housekeeping dept. helps in cleaning and maintenance of all the public and guest areas. the F& B dept. as been divided into service and production. The service dept. takes care of banquets, room service and the restaurants . this is one of the major revenue generating departments of the hotel. the production dept. controls the kitchen and supplies food to the guest as well as to the staff. The sales and marketing dept. that are the main source of getting the corporate bookings and penetrating into the market. The marketing communication dept. is responsible for the advertisements that is the overall image of the hotel as what information has to go out and how is it to be represented. Other than four major departments of the hotel, there are mainly ancillary dept. n the hotel, which coordinates with each other for the smooth functioning of the hotel. They all have major roles to be played in everyday life of the hotel operations. thus on the whole it can be said that project has covered all the major and functional points of the hotel. ———————– An overall study for operation of all departments of Hotel THE APEX (2013) Submitted to Punjab Technical University As partial fulfillment of the Bachelors in Airlines, Tourism, Hospitality Session 2010-2013 FO MANAGER ASST. FO MANAGER MANAMMMMANAGER RES. MANAGER GUEST RELATION MANAGER ASST MANAGER RESERVATIONNN DUTY MANAGER BUSINESS CENTER MANAGER HEAD CONCIERGE CONCIERGE BUSINESS CENTER EXE.


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