Hotel and Mobile Housekeeping App

7 July 2016

In the article “Quadriga Launches Mobile Housekeeping App”, the author shows us a new mobile application for housekeeping services. This App – Housekeeper – can largely improve the efficiency in checking and reporting room status through most web-enabled mobile devices. It as well enhances the communication among staff. The App has already been deployed in some hotels and may be applied in more countries and hotels in the near future. The article interests me because it is about technology innovation, which has obtained a lot of attention of hoteliers in the past five to ten years.

According to Ian Millar, Deputy Director of INTEHL, hospitality industry is good with technology. It has always been a reactive rather than a proactive industry when it comes to technology. And this needs to change in order to improve internal efficiency and create unique and impressive customer experience. Consider the use of the new housekeeping App in hotels. It will be much easier and faster for room division staff to carry out housekeeping tasks, and as a result, saving time and laborer to a large extent.

Hotel and Mobile Housekeeping App Essay Example

In fact, the recent years have seen an unprecedented technology development, and such a development has brought both challenges and opportunities to hoteliers. On the one hand, customers have higher expectation and demand for hotels. But it is not easy to keep up with the all the cutting-edge technologies and major online trends. On the other hand, if hotels can follow the rapid pace of technology development and take reactions quickly, they will be more likely to meet or exceed customers’ expectation and earn reputation as well as profit. In terms of room division, one important aspect is in-room technology.

Five years ago, I might feel it was just enough to have a TV in a guest room. But today I cannot imagine a room without Wi-Fi. The pervasive use of social media and mobile devices determines customers’ growing need for internet access and availability of internet bandwidth and online content. People expect to have the same work or entertaining experience as they at home. So it is important for hotels to adapt to in-room technologies and upgrade amenities of guestrooms in order to narrow the gap between guest’s experience at home and in the rooms.

For example, as smartphones and laptops have gradually become the mainstream, guests get more accustomed to use their mobile devices. So hotels can offer radio players and televisions that can connect to smartphones and laptops, providing guests with better experience of entertainment since they can play music via a loudspeaker and watch movies on a larger screen. As the young generation has become more and more dependent on technology, it is important for hoteliers to prepare earlier and adapt to technology shifts.

Quadriga Launches Mobile Housekeeping App UNITED KINGDOM—Quadriga has launched a new mobile application for housekeeping services via an exclusive global agreement with partner Hibox Systems Ltd, Finland. According to the company, the app is designed to reduce costs and deliver improved efficiencies for hoteliers with an average 50% reduction in the time required to carry out housekeeping and hotel support tasks, enhanced staff communication, as well as powerful reporting capabilities.

Housekeeper provides an alternative to Quadriga’s established, fixed TV-based housekeeping solution, integrated into its Sensiq guest communications and entertainment platform. The Hibox Housekeeper application is a web-based service that can be hosted in the cloud and provides hotel staff with immediate reporting capabilities via most web-enabled mobile devices. Services include the reporting of room status to the hotel PMS, minibar usage and rooms fault reporting and management, as well as a staff-messaging tool. Housekeeper is already deployed in hotels across the Nordic region and is now available worldwide.

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