Hotel management report

8 August 2016

There many reservation systems around the world. Definitely, you will find many differences between them. For example: The usage, the reports it produces, the features of the home page and the way it is connected to other departments. Hotels reservation systems are different according to what the management needs/requires out of the system. It also depends on what they aim for. Furthermore, there are two types of reservation systems in each hotel whether an online reservation system or a front desk reservation system. In this report, we made our researches based on a front desk reservation system. ibis hotel reservation system uses one of the best systems around the world which is called opera, nevertheless it has a few disadvantages such as: slow speed or retrieving the data based on the limitation of the capacity of the current storage. The following subsections of the Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document provide an overview of the entire SRS. 1. 1 Objective/s of the Project As known, in our fast running world everything needs to be documented, organized and easy to be retrieved. That’s one of the reasons upon why we have systems around the world. Each system has a different usage and abilities for every organization. The main objectives behind this project are the following: 1- To analysis the way reservation system in Hotels is functioned. 2- The way the user interact with the system The Software Requirements Specification (SRS) will provide a detailed description of the requirements for the Hotel reservation System. This SRS will allow for a complete understanding of what is to be expected in order for the system to be implemented and constructed.

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The clear understanding of the system and its’ functionality will allow for the correct software to be developed for the end user and will be used for the development of the future stages of the project. This SRS will provide the foundation for the project. From this SRS, the system can be designed, constructed, and finally tested. 1. 2 Scope of the project The software described is a Hotel Reservation System which is the major operation in any hotel , it allows them to check reservations and room availability. Includes: Reservations Profiles Rate and inventory control Administration Reporting

Global distribution interface Information commonly stored in IHRS includes Room types Rate plans architecture Room rates and conditions (guarantee, deposit, customized cancellation rules, minimum length of stay, maximum length of stay, closed to arrival, arrival not allowed, departure not allowed… ) Room inventories Generic hotel information (address, phone number, fax number) Reservation information There are two end users for the IHRS. The end users are the hotel staff (customer service representative) and hotel managers. Both user types can access the Reservation and Booking System. 2.

General Description 2. 1 Project Description Reservation and Booking System Allows for typing in customer information Has a default room rate that is adjustable Includes a description field for the changed rate When a customer checks in, the room number will be changed to occupied in the database Ability to modify a reservation When no rooms are available and a customer would like to extend their reservation their information will be placed in a database and when there are rooms available the first customer on the list will have the room When a customer checks out the amount owed is displayed

If the internal clock states that is a customer’s time to have checked out and customer has not checked out, adds an extra night to amount owed and provides a report Records that room is vacant Records payment Allows for space to write customer’s feedback 2. 2 General constraints 1-Design Constraints The Hotel reservation System shall be a stand-alone system running in a Windows environment. The system shall be developed using Java and an Access or Oracle database. 2-Reliability Specify the factors required to establish the required reliability of the software system at time of delivery. 3-Availability

The system shall be available during normal hotel operating hours. 4-Security Customer Service Representatives will have access to the Reservation/Booking system. Managers will have access to the system as well. Accessibility will be protected by a user log in screen that requires a user name and password. 5-Maintainability The Hotel Reservation System is being developed in Java. Java is an object oriented programming language and shall be easy to maintain. 6-Portability The System shall run in any Microsoft Windows environment that contains Java Runtime and the Microsoft Access database. 2.3 Assumptions and dependencies 1-Assumptions include: 1-Hotel houses a limited number of suites in particular category for the sake of many borrowers. 2-Hotel does not entertain any unauthorized person to enter the administrator or employees ‘site from any computer. 3-Client systems supports . NET framework. 4-Hotel server runs a version of Windows operating system. 5-User should have basic knowledge and knows how to search of find information on the internet. 6-User has a decent internet speed to run the online solution. 2-Dependencies include: 1-System Connectivity 2-No data duplication.

No Paper Work Required 5-Time Efficient 6-Cost Efficient 7-Automatic data validation 8-User friendly environment 9-Data security and reliability 10-Fast data insertion & retrieval 3. Requirements 3. 1 Functional Requirements 1. 1. The system shall record reservations. 1. 2. The system shall record the customer’s first name. 1. 3. The system shall record the customer’s last name. 1. 4. The system shall record the number of occupants. 1. 5. The system shall record the room number. 1. 6. The system shall display the default room rate. 1. 6. 1. The system shall allow the default room rate to be changed. 1. 6. 2.

The system shall require a comment to be entered, describing the reason for changing the default room rate. 1. 7. The system shall record the customer’s phone number. 1. 8. The system shall display whether or not the room is guaranteed. 1. 9. The system shall generate a unique confirmation number for each reservation. 1. 10. The system shall automatically cancel non-guaranteed reservations if the customer has not provided their credit card number by 6:00 pm on the check-in date. 1. 11. The system shall record the expected check-in date and time. 1. 12. The system shall record the expected checkout date and time.

The system shall check-in customers. 1. 14. The system shall allow reservations to be modified without having to reenter all the customer inforamtion. 1. 15. The system shall checkout customers. 1. 15. 1. The system shall display the amount owed by the customer. 1. 15. 2. To retrieve customer information the last name or room number shall be used 1. 15. 3. The system shall record that the room is empty. 1. 15. 4. The system shall record the payment. 1. 15. 5. The system shall record the payment type. 1. 16. The system shall charge the customer for an extra night if they checkout after 11:00 a. m. 1.

The system shall mark guaranteed rooms as “must pay” after 6:00 pm on the check-in date. 1. 18. The system shall record customer feedback. 3. 2 Non-Functional Requirements 1. 1 Usability Requirements: Ease-of-use Requirements The front desk system has an interface guideline to help the staff understand the best way of using the system. 1. 2 Performance Requirements: Availability Requirements The system should be available 24/7 1. 3 Safety Requirements: Every day all the data gets stored in external storage. 1. 4 Security Requirements: User Security Requirements Each staff must have username and password.

Data Security Requirements The system is secured by antivirus application 1. 5 Operational Requirements Hardware and software Requirements The system runs by one server and four PCs The server has Microsoft Windows Server 2008 The PCs have Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Network Requirements The System is connected by switches and a router. 4. User-Interface Design 5. Summary of Finding After having the opportunity to go to a hotel (Ibis hotel) they were kind enough to list out all the functioning roles of the administrator, employee and the guest. Roles: Administrator

Administrator is a person who manages and supervises the functioning of the hotel. 2-Administrator creates his/her account during the initial setup of the solution. 3-Administrator has to sign in like the user to access the hotel. 4-Administrator can search for employees & guests. 5-He/she can view the employee & guest reservation details. 6-He/she can view the profile and make changes to it if necessary. • 7-Administrator can add/delete employee or guest. 8-Administrator can mail reminders to employees about any reservations. 9-Administrator can view transaction details of guests or employees separately. Employees

Employee has to sign up for his personal account profile. 2-Employee can only view the guest’s list. 3-Employee can view the comments posted by user. 4-Employee can view the reminders sent by the administrator Guests 1-Guests can post feedbacks on the website. 2-Guests can view the facilities or schemes offered by the hotel. 3-Guests can make reservation/cancellation request online. 4-Guests can get request confirmation/denial by mail. 5-Guests can make special service requests for their arrival. 6-Guests can book meeting hall or restaurant table in advance. 7-Guests can choose mode of bill payment as available.

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