House of Hades

7 July 2016

At the conclusion of The Mark of Athena, Percy and Annabeth tumbled into a pit leading straight to Tartarus. The other demigods follow Percy’s instruction to meet them at the mortal side of the Doors of Death located in Epirus, Greece. Now, in this next instalment in the Heroes of Olympus, The House of Hades, Percy and Annabeth must cross the most miserable place unimaginable with the help of the Titan Bob, while their demigod friends aboard the Argo II still fights their way through the Mare Nostrum-or as mortals call it-the Mediterranean Sea.

Both are standing at crossroads. In about a month, the Roman demigods will march to Camp Half-Blood to begin war, and Gaea will finally rise. The stakes are higher than ever in this adventure that dives into the depths of Tartarus. Our dear Uncle Rick has done it again. He has created the most gripping tale by far in his Percy Jackson world. The demigods not just have to battle horrifying and terrifying monsters, but also their own true fears – something much worse than having a physical wound.

House of Hades Essay Example

Even though we have met some of the characters in the last series, they still never fail to surprise us in every chapter. Rick carefully developed their personalities and characteristics, such as when Percy & Annabeth’s love was challenged as they travel through Tartarus, and also Nico’s shocking revelation. Percy will also experience the consequences of what he has done in the past years that he thought at first was the right thing to do-consequences involving losing Annabeth forever.

For the new characters, Rick showed us their different sides and aspects. We may think we really know them, but we will find them walking the different path than they might have expected. Each character was written with care, showing their deepest secrets, and the friendships & relationships aboard the Argo II continues to blossom. The House of Hades will leave readers and fans anticipating for the next instalment, The Blood of Olympus, which is set to release next fall 2014.

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