House Of Pain

Thursday, November 5th, at E.M. Lowes, Worcester, I was one of many House of Pain fans to arrive early for the best floor spots and am glad that I did because it was an excellent concert. One of the reasons was because the show was held in such a small theater. I enjoyed the concert even more because of the excellent security. The concert started a few minutes late but it didn’t make anyone too uncomfortable. The opening act was DJ Que, a Framingham State security guard, who was on for about half an hour. The second act was City Boy Prodigy, who performed for about the same time. An hour later at 10: 15, House of Pain arrived at the theater. They performed for about 45 minutes and played seven songs from their album “Fine Malt Lyrics.” The songs included “Top o’ The Morning to Ya,” “Shamrocks and Shenanigans,” “House of Pain Anthem,” “Put on Your S—-,” “Jump Around,” and a few others. The performance was made much better because the auditorium was so small and every word could be understood on the floor, but everything was a little more difficult to hear in the balcony. The finale of the concert was the best part when House of Pain performed their hit “Jump Around,” which was well worth waiting for. It was an excellent concert and I would surely return again to E. M. Lowes in Worcester. n

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