Household Robots

Topic #4: If you had a household robot to do one single task for you everyday, what would that task be? and why?

In order to effectively answer this question, and in the rare prospect of actually getting one, I must be safe and careful to take it realistically by first looking at the characteristics and capabilities of a robot. A machine that resembles a human and does mechanical, routine tasks on command. A few words come to mind: Responsible, efficient, everlasting energy, obedient.

If I had such a household robot to begin with, I would be either a) in the distant future, b) rich, or c) extremely lucky enough to have won/be given one.

If we were in an alternate world, where advances in technology were irrelevant, money was not a factor, and everyone was looked upon equally, then we would be in an ideal world where one would not dream of creating such an artificial being.

With that being said, if I had a household robot and I was in the distant future, I would be out of university, in my daily/full-time job and I suppose what a robot would be useful for in that timeframe is to take care of the house while I was at work. Naturally, this relief from rushing home to do housework would cause me to become a workaholic, for such menial tasks such as housecare make a house a home for one. So I suppose I would have it do something less critical such as managing my calls or filing some paperwork. But then again, if I were in the far future where the average person could own a household robot, I’m sure I’d also be in a frame of time where I could own a decent answering machine and computer.

But suppose I was actually rich enough to be able to own such a machine in present time? I suppose the possibilities are endless. A typical student would want to dedicate their robot to homework or to get rid of some tedious task, but I, being anything but typical, wouldn’t want this addition to be a subtraction of something in my life. No, I would want it perhaps to teach me its cool robot tricks or explain to me its functions and how I can better use my own brain to be more like it, my new robot friend.
However, if we’re being realistic, I wouldn’t live in such a two dimensional world where I was actually rich enough to purchase it. Ofcourse there is that factor of those who have power over me. I would have my predictable rich parents on my case about how I should not put such an expensive thing to waste but rather use it on more important things. This would be the first guilt trip but it would work in their favour in the process of their manipulation where in the end, they would somehow use it to show off some more money. Perhaps it would be placed in a glass box in the front corridor to present its value. It’s a trick question really, such an expensive thing cannot actually be USEd.

However, if I was lucky enough to be given a robot, things would be entirely different. To begin with, taking into consideration that such an advanced machine would be in the home of such a young and clueless girl, I would be getting quite a bit of attention from fellow peers. Aside from the girly chatter about how my life is probably so much easier than their manual hard labour, my parents would constantly be on my case trying to use it for more important things than an 18 year old would need it for. In which case, I would have had time to name it, tell the whole world about it, and lose it in a matter of seconds.

Now that we have gotten over the “if I had a household robot” we can move on to the next fragment. “to do one single task for you everyday”. This one’s easy. How about use all it’s efficiency, power, strength, and effortless energy to make itself as invisible as possible and get out of the way before it causes more harm than help.

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