Houston’s Light Rail System

4 April 2015
This paper examines the plans to introduce a light rail system in Houston, Texas.

This paper is an analysis of the planning and implementation of the proposed light rail system for Houston, TX. The paper details why the community feels that there is a need for this system and some of the factors that contributed to the decision to build it, including the feeling that this system would bring the 2012 Olympics to Houston. The paper also points out the area’s increasingly being recognized as a world leader in medical treatment and research and the large number of famous personalities that visit the area as a result. Houston’s unparalleled growth over the past two decades has also increased the need for this system and made it even more evident in recent years. The paper concludes by summarizing the many positive affects that this rail system could have on the city and the surrounding areas.
The Houston Light Rail System is a beginning of a solution to one of the oldest and unresolved problems in the city of Houston, traffic. Due to the distance of Houston’s surrounding annexes, the rail system can offer a cost efficient commuting network. Only the ones, who have driven in the Houston rush hour traffic, can realize the extent of this problem. Multiple traffic jams are a part of every ones life that live and work in Houston. Everyday, those who travel on the Houston freeways during rush hours can look forward to congested traffic without exception, twice a day. On the weekends, Houstonians are still faced with road construction that usually blocks at least four of the lanes on a six-lane highway. Traveling 10 miles and seeing no road construction on any major Houston highway is very rare. In Houston, it is not unusual to see motorist driving on shoulders or mediums, to escape the traffic.Motorists who do this usually are faced with two dilemmas. One is they often find out the shoulder gets traffic jams just like the freeways, and they usually have a fine to pay.

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